Your Vision and Road Safety- 4 ways to improve

Vision and Road Safety

When we talk about road safety, we check our seat belts, proper functioning of our car. Whether the lights are working properly or the brakes are working. We always drive on the right side of the road. Check on upcoming cars and not exceed the speed limit. But we forget the one most important thing- the vision. 

90 % of driving requires our eyes to work fine. A defective vision can hamper your road safety and cause a mishap on the road. You can not only affect your life but also those around you. 1% of the reported accidents were the result of impaired vision. It is estimated that this number is more than what is reported. One out of five drivers suffers from a vision defect. Most of them forgo road safety measures.


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What can affect your vision?

  • Field of view defects- hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia

These vision defects can be rectified using glasses and lenses. If you are not wearing them while driving, you are neglecting your road safety and putting your life in jeopardy. You can check online glasses at Specscart. You can get affordable and stylish glasses in all styles and shades.

  • Colour Blindness, Night blindness

These kinds of defects can cause impaired driving. A colour blind person has difficulty responding to the traffic lights. Most of them are not able to distinguish between red and green lights. Even if they can, most round traffic signals appear blurry to them. A night blind person had difficulty seeing at night or low light. It is not advisable for them to drive during the night.

  • Age-related eye changes- glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, macular degeneration

Age can cause many sight defects. If you are experiencing some changes in your view field because of growing age, you should consult your doctor. If you are not recommended to drive, you should consider giving up driving. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to improve your vision for road safety

1. Get your eyesight checked frequently

You should get your eyesight checked at regular intervals. If you find your vision blurry or your range of vision has decreased, then you should go check with your ophthalmologist. If you are seeing glares or halos while looking at headlights or traffic signals or finding dark shadows cast in your field of view or you are having difficulty reading road signs, then your vision has compromised and you should schedule a visit to your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

2. Wear your prescription eyeglasses on the road

If you have vision defects and use prescription glasses, you should wear them (except for reading glasses) while driving or riding a bike or a bicycle or even while walking on the sidewalks. 

3. Wear prescription sunglasses while riding a bike or cycle

Getting prescription sunglasses is the best solution for you if you have vision defects and riding a bike or bicycle. Wearing proper headwear and protection gear added with sunglasses makes you look cool. Also, you will be able to see properly with your prescription sunglasses. Sunglasses will protect you from sudden vision inhibition from excessive sunlight. Even a tiny distraction while driving can cause an accident.

4. Get an anti-glare protection layer on your glasses

Sunglasses are not always the solution for sun glare. Getting a layer of anti-glare protection on your glasses will do the trick. It will protect your eyes from sudden flashes and glare because of sunlight or headlights and you will be able to drive safely on the road. Don’t be a deer caught in the headlights. Get anti-glare glasses.

5. Wear proper and clean eyewear

Proper gear is a must for road safety. A faulty gear can cause issues while on the road. You should ensure that your eyewear fits properly. Your spectacles properly sit on the tip of your nose and your ears. It is not loose, otherwise, it might fall off while driving causing you to be distracted. You can order cheap glasses online and try them at home for free.

6. Don’t drive if you are recommended not to

Don’t drive if you have sight defects that hamper driving. If your ophthalmologist has advised you against driving then you should listen to them. Not only you but others that are on the road are at risk because of your decision to not listen to your doctor. 

Drive Responsibly and safely. Get your eyesight checked. If required, get prescription glasses. Eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory nowadays. Wearing them won’t make you a geek or make you uncomfortable, rather you will look fashionable. You can check out many fashionable and comfortable-to-wear prescription glasses online at a very reasonable price.

Your improved vision will make it easy for you to navigate on-road and also enhance your look & personality.


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