Chocolates that are a type of sweet candy are made by fermenting and drying of cocoa beans. After fermentation, it undergoes winnowing and roasting. They are further converted into a liquid paste. This liquid paste also contains cocoa butter and cocoa solids. These both are present in the cocoa bean naturally. Everyone enjoys chocolates. Children and women enjoy eating chocolates a lot.

Chocolates have a variety of ingredients in it. It contains chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter has some amount of naturally occurring fat in it. The extra amount of this cocoa butter helps enhance the flavour of chocolates, thus making it delicious. It has a sugar present in it for sweetness. Lecithin is also present in chocolate which acts as an emulsifier; it is received from soy and is used to blend all the chocolate ingredients. Many other flavours can be used to enhance the taste of chocolate like vanilla etc. Milk is used in the making of milk chocolates. Nowadays, fruits, nuts and other add ons are added to make a variety of new chocolates.

Eating chocolates has many health benefits, mostly dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are without milk. It has some nutritional benefits. Chocolates provide energy and many calories. It is suitable for the heart as it can keep it healthy. Cocoa, one of the main ingredients of chocolate, helps reduce the risk for some heart diseases. Cocoa beans have flavonoid present in it which acts as antioxidants and thus reduces cell damage in heart disease. Eating chocolates help in improving the blood flow and lowering of blood pressure. It can help control cholesterol level too, which in turn leads to the reduction of heart failure risks. It could improve our brain functions also.

Who doesn’t love eating chocolates? Of Course, everyone does, but it is scientifically proven that women love chocolates. they are intended towards chocolates more. There are various reasons for it, let it be hormonal changes or sexual desires or cravings. Women can gain many health and beauty benefits by eating chocolates. Firstly, it helps increase the volume of hair because of some amount of minerals found in chocolates which induce the growth of hair cells and follicles. Chocolates also help in hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the scalp. Chocolate shampoo and conditioners must be used for shiny and bulky hair. Some chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethylamine are good mood boosters and a few sexual stimulants. Eating chocolates makes us feel good, lightens our mood and even euphoric to some extent. Chocolates can be eaten as a dessert too after having dinner.

Chocolates have chemicals which increase women’s sexual desires and even helps in improving sexual pleasures. Sensually, chocolate acts as a sexual stimulus by the way it melts in our mouth. Women more prefer chocolate flavoured condoms. Chocolates help in achieving orgasm. Chocolates help women during their periods too. They lift the mood by increasing the serotonin level and are also suitable for the cramps. They increase blood flow again.

Chocolates are a little source of vitamins like vitamin A, B1, C, D and E. Chocolates also act as anti-inflammatory agents. They also have mild effects on the skin. Chocolates act as a soothing agent on irritating parts of the skin. It can cure skin rashes giving women glowing skin which they love. Chocolates are rich in flavonoids that help in the filtration of ultraviolet rays. Cocoa beans have a fair amount of fatty acids that act as an excellent moisturiser, leaving women’s skin as soft and glowy.

Chocolates have their demerits too. Eating chocolates in large amounts causes an increase in calories in the body. Chocolates also contain high amounts of sugar in them which can cause diabetes. It may be possible that its harmful effects are not visible now but can be seen in the future. The vitamin and mineral quantity in chocolate is also very less, so it cannot provide our body’s essential nutrients. Eating a lot of chocolates every day can increase the body’s calorie intake, which will lead to an increase in fat and cholesterol level. It causes obesity and formation of blood clots which in some cases can lead to heart diseases. It also has other ill effects like high blood pressure, stomach problems etc.

So, as we all know, many things in the chocolate show why women love chocolates. Eating chocolates has its benefits like it helps change the mood of a person. It is a good source of instant energy and helps to maintain blood pressure. Women often eat it during their menstrual cycle because it lifts their mood and makes them happy. As it is a source of energy so can be used after workouts and helps regain our energy level. But eating in excess can cause problems like obesity etc. So, at last, we should eat chocolates but not in excess as a lot of everything is terrible.


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