Why is India considered to be the Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Destination?

Why is India considered to be the Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Destination?

Why is India considered to be the Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Destination?

People traveling from different nations come to India because of the treatment solution not available as the medical tourism sector has not progressed much there in the home country. Medical tourism is a term used for the rapid growth of medicinal procedures and surgery routines for patients traveling abroad. Patients seek medical assistance from the host country for their particular condition, disease, or illness. The developing countries are not far behind and coping with the positions worldwide than in developed countries with an added advantage.

These days,  people stare at themselves as global natives and are obtaining services, especially medical aid help, from across the world. However, the current scenarios in some countries abjure such a practice. Thus, ease of travel and accessibility becomes a keystone for selecting a medical location.

Rise of India in medical hubs

Remember the days when Indians would travel the world in search of progressive remedies for their illnesses. Nowadays it’s different as people from around the world are coming to India. India has become the top stop in the medical tourism sector. And why is it so, you ask? Well, not only to make use of the feasible, high world-class medical facilities available in the nation but also to gain advantage greatly from alternative aspects such as yoga and Ayurveda. India is no longer a cost-effective destination, but a place of choice for those seeking healthcare treatment.

The tropical nature of India is an additional attention tool for many foreign tourists. Many visitors club their medical journey with the mystical experience that is identical to India.

They get enthusiastic not merely by visiting landmarks and landscapes that they have only heard stories of, but also because India is making fast pace when it comes to medicine.

Hence nowadays, it is like an appraisal that more than half a million travelers come to India every year for healthcare treatment. From cardiology to eye care to hip replacements, patients can get high-end world-class healthcare across different medical disciplines.

An enormous number of holidaymakers are traveling to India for the supreme high-end medical assistance that is being provided by professionals. In addition to this, India hoot for medical tourists every year with a growth rate of 30%. Patients choose their custom medical package depending on price, knowledge, location, and ease of procuring proper paperwork.

The primitive sole reason is the low-cost rates of medical examination/ treatment in India being affordable in contrast to the West. Likewise, India is gaining a better revenue turnover ratio from its healthcare sector from the past 10 years.

Why is India becoming prominent?

Prominent services are set for the best medical tourism in India. The following are some key factors to indicate why India is the fastest-growing medical tourism destination:

Why is India considered to be the Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Destination

• Patient-oriented business model: All focus from start to end is on the medical traveler arriving in India for treatment. It is a sense of welcoming and a reputation to provide handsome facilities with proper medical care. Proper medical attention is likely to patients so that they feel homely and at peace within the borders.

• All the medical packages including treatments and surgeries are cost-effective.

• Easy medical visa procedures in India.

• Immediate services to foreign tourists with no waiting lines.

• Quality healthcare services with the latest technology and facilities.

• Alternative Therapies such as Ayurveda and Yoga play a crucial role in post-treatment session recovery. Patients feel peace and relaxing with these methods.

• India has a strong foundation base of qualified professional practitioners and doctors.

• The other big factor that has made India fruitful in inviting the medical tourists is the workforce of good English speaking doctors, guides, agents, and medical groundwork staff.

They make it very easy for foreign tourists to communicate well to Indian doctors.


Realizing the worthiness of medical tourism, the finest hospitals in India and the government have joined hands to draw out their contribution to patients from across the globe. They especially help tourists who look ahead to grasping the best medical center facilities in India at the most economical cost. The statistics show that most visitors who come to India for medicinal purposes are from Bangladesh, Srilanka, Uganda, Canada, etc. In India, the most trustworthy cities to get treatments are Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. Chennai is the health hub capital of India because of multi- and super-specialty hospitals present.

India is one of the major medical tourism hotspots in the world for a lot of reasons. However, Lower cost does not equate to the low quality of care.  The medical treatments and surgeries range from open-heart-surgery to bariatric procedures or organ donation/transplants to cosmetic surgery. Many of the topmost hospitals are open 24*7  to provide care much more quickly than other Western countries.

Why is India considered to be the Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Destination

They give assurance that you receive top-quality medical aid before conditions get severe and cause more complications in the body. This is a massive and great advantage for many travelers from Western nations where waiting lists are often long and tiresome. To sum up, the money they save makes it even more of an evident choice were to opt for treatment from in future situations.


• Accessibility to the nation is quite approachable.

• Safety and security purposes for patients are manageable.

• Additional vouchers are available for tourists for wellness tourism programs while traveling to India.

• The tourism sector has lately become one of the quickest growing fields worldwide and with medical tourism services ruling it from the front.

• Medical tourism has grown broad and far in the four corners of the earth in different directions. Treatments that are famous for patients are bone marrow transplant, heart surgery, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, Wellness therapies, and hip transplant.

Why is India considered to be the Fastest Growing Medical Tourism Destination


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