With all the hustles and hassles involved in the wedding planning stage, it’s just fair for couples to splurge on the most exciting part of getting married: the honeymoon. No work obligations, no crazy relatives and colleagues — it’s just you, your beloved partner, and your dream destination. You’ll feel nothing but bliss while walking hand in hand with your partner for life, in a place you both love. 

Next to choosing the perfect destination, booking the ideal hotel can make a difference in your post-wedding trip. 

If you’re looking for the best hotel to spend your honeymoon in, we’re here to suggest 8 tips to consider. 

1. Know your budget

What’s your budget? An expensive one-week vacation in a hotel in Carlow Ireland is never worth the two-year debt. Before you start planning your honeymoon, determine your budget, and use that rate as a guideline when shopping around the possible places to stay. 

If you’re on a budget, we suggest you go with the all-inclusive honeymoon packages, which include the hotel room, food, entertainment, and other couple-friendly extras into one flat fee. 

2. Think about hiring a travel agent

Give yourselves a break! Your wedding plans are already overwhelming, so let someone arrange your dream travel plans for you. A travel agency or agent can do all the tedious tasks associated with travel planning, like comparing and booking hotel rooms, finding transportation, creating itineraries based on your budget and trip duration, and scheduling tours. 

All you need to do is relax and enjoy. 

You can save money by booking everything yourself, but consider this option if there’s already a lot on your plate. 

3. Relaxing and Romantic + Fun and Lively

Are you more of an adventurous traveler? Or more of a laidback one who always craves tranquility? If you’re going to have a longer vacation, try to have the best of both worlds. 

One of the common mistakes newlyweds make is choosing a location that looks romantic and relaxing, only to get bored after a day or two because of the lack of fun activities. For example, a secluded, lesser-known beach might sound like a perfect honeymoon destination but it wouldn’t be the best choice if you two love to party, see fire dancers, ski, and surf. 

Make sure the hotel you pick gives you easy access to both fun and relaxing activities. 

4. Make your honeymoon unique and extra special

Don’t want to copy other people’s honeymoon itinerary? If you’re not a fan of the all-inclusive packages and you have a bigger budget, you might want to go “ala carte” with the hotel and tour inclusions and create a spontaneous, fully-customized vacation of your dreams. 

You can travel and rest at your own time and pace if you follow no schedule and create your own travel route. To avoid any inconveniences, don’t hesitate to seek the hotel concierge for more information about the local attractions, best restaurants, and how to get there the best way possible. 

5. Book a honeymoon suite

Honeymoon isn’t the best time to settle for a basic hotel room only intended for sleeping — your honeymoon suite should be as special, soothing, and romantic as possible. The good news is a majority of hotel chains go the extra mile when decorating suites for honeymooners. 

Aside from alluring beds and linens, rose petals, and scented candles, hotels give special freebies like wine or champagne and chocolate-coated strawberries. They’re also mostly away from pools and party rooms, which are often noisy. 

6. Ask about the basics

Okay, you’ve booked a lovely hotel in Carlow Ireland, with your romantic hotel room overlooking a stunning lake. They’ve got a lot of surprises and special offers like complimentary wine and chocolates, spa treatments, and horseback riding. 

But how about the basics? 

Do they have late night room service? Do the guest rooms have bathtubs? Do they have free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and shuttle service? List down the basics that you’re looking for in a honeymoon and make sure your hotel or resort of choice has them. 

7. Check the location

Of course you won’t stay inside the hotel 24/7 — you’ll be exploring the city with your partner throughout your vacation. That said, choose a honeymoon hotel that’s located near your target destination and other amazing places to discover. 

When comparing accommodation properties, check the nearby stores, bars, restaurants, museums, parks, and other places of interest. 

8. Consider delaying the honeymoon to get the best rate

You don’t need to have your honeymoon right after your wedding day. If you’re going to a touristy place or the wedding took place during a high season, like summer, you might be better off delaying your trip. You can score greater deals, like deals and extras, if you wait and travel off-peak.

May you have the best honeymoon experience ever!

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a passionate travel blogger who loves street photography, food trips, and writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Woodford Dolmen Hotel Carlow.


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