VPS hosting, As a small business owner, you may be using a shared hosting service for your website. While shared hosting is an economical option for new businesses, you may feel the need to transition to a superior hosting plan when your site grows and starts gaining traffic. To ensure your site performs consistently well, you need to have a solution that’s in sync with your needs. A VPS hosting solution can be a good fit under such a scenario. If you’re unaware of what VPS hosting is and when should you choose one for your site, keep reading.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is created by virtually partitioning a large physical server into smaller servers, each with a fixed set of server resources-CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth. This division is achieved by means of a virtualization software-hypervisor.

Each of the smaller servers thus created runs in an isolated environment and hosts a separate account. A website hosted on a virtual server, thus enjoys a safe and secure setup; it remains impacted by its neighboring accounts. Because there is no one to share the resources, superior speed and performance are guaranteed.

So, you see, a VPS offers a middle path between a shared hosting model, where several websites are hosted on a large physical server, and a dedicated hosting model, where a website remains hosted in an isolated environment. So, for sites seeking a powerful hosting solution within a budget, a VPS server hosting is the ideal choice.

Is VPS hosting a suitable choice for your business?

While a VPS is a robust solution for growing websites, it isn’t for everyone. In some cases, even shared hosting may suffice, while in others nothing less than a dedicated server may work. Let’s have a look at the scenarios where you should choose a VPS.

1) You have noticed slow loading time

In this age of low-attention span, users want websites that deliver an exceptional experience. So, if your prospects visit your site and it takes a long time to load, it will simply put them off; many of them may not visit your site again.

VPS hosting

In fact, according to a recent study, if a website takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load, more than 50% of the users will click the ‘Back’ button and leave the site. Page loading time is so important that Google has considered loading time as one of the key ranking factors.

To optimize your loading time, you need a solution that equips you with the required amount of resources. If you are facing a lag with shared hosting, upgrade to a VPS where you will get a reserved set of resources to work with.

2) You want to launch a customized application

A virtual private server offers root access which means you can customize the server configuration to meet your needs. You can have the operating system of choice-Linux or Windows VPS Server, install the software application you want, and even tailor the hardware to your requirement. So, if you are building a customized application, a VPS hosting servers can be the right choice.

3) You are experiencing ‘service unavailable’ error on your site

If you or your users open the site and face issues such as ‘service unavailable’ quite frequently, it’s an indication your server isn’t adequate to run your site smoothly. Hence, you need to switch to a robust hosting model (such as VPS).

4) You are facing a spike in web traffic

Beginner websites usually don’t attract much traffic. So, if you are a beginner, a shared server will most likely be sufficient. But as your business grows, so does your traffic. Before you face any unpleasant surprises like sluggish loading speed or ‘service unavailable’ error, it’s essential that you switch to a server that supports your traffic and helps your site (and business) achieve credibility. And that’s where a VPS comes into the picture.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Go4hosting’s Linux and Windows VPS Servers

So, we see, how a VPS hosting solution can help your small business grow seamlessly as it acquires more visitors. Go4hosting’s world-class VPS solutions come with dozens of highly-coveted features that equip your business with a competitive advantage.

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