What is Pigmentation?

What is Pigmentation? | How to Get Rid of Dark Spots from the Face

how to get rid of dark spots from the face

in this article information for What is Pigmentation? How to Get Rid of Dark Spots from the Face I have never seen people who would say that they love their pigmented skin, but to my surprise, those women and men who have got freckles on their cheeks look adorable.
A clear skin girl can never beat a woman with a tinge of freckles on her skin, for me at least. In this article, we will discuss bot pigmentation. Many people confuse pigmentation with blemishes. So, before we start let us get some knowledge about the issue.

What is pigmentation?

You may have noticed that everyone around you has got a unique kind of skin color, siblings may adopt a similar tone but still, there is a variation.
This pigmentation becomes a sort of skin disease sometimes. People feel low when they experience a condition generally known as hyperpigmentation.

What is Pigmentation?



According to a skin specialist, hyperpigmentation is a skin condition when it gets abnormally dark, it is not like that your whole body will develop a darker tone, instead, you will have darker patches on your skin.
Hyperpigmentation is not always very difficult to deal with, and it is not a sort of disease but ignoring it can be dangerous as it can be a sign of some health issues such as some inherited diseases.

Types of hyperpigmentation

Generally, hyperpigmentation is divided into three types, and I am repeating again each one of them is natural.

1. Melasma

 This condition normally occurs after pregnancy. Women undergo several sorts of hormonal changes during pregnancy, and during this course, several parts of their body including their face and stomach develop dark spots.

2. Sunspots

These are the liver spots that occur because of sheer carelessness. People who have got sensitive skin must wear sunscreen whenever they are going out.

3. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

As the name implies this condition is a result of skin damage because of some injuries or infections.

  What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

We, humans, are born with cells, which are capable of producing pigments. These cells are known as melanocytes, especially in people who have got darker skin.
Melanocytes produce a dark pigment known as melanin, this pigment is the main cause of hyperpigmentation, the stimulus can vary but the secretion of melanin is the sole cause of hyperpigmentation.
Along with it some hormonal changes during pregnancy and disease, known as Addison disease, can also cause hyperpigmentation.    

Remedies for hyperpigmentation

When you will be diagnosed with hyperpigmentation, the doctor will prescribe you various medicines. In this section, we will check some main components of those medicines and homemade remedies.


Generally, doctors recommend hydroquinone enriched medicines, just for the initial stage, because prolonged use of hydroquinone can lead to the darkening of your skin.
Topic creams, which may be rich in hydroquinone and retinoids is recommended, which can help in removing spots.

Apple cider vinegar


A good toner can balance the PH of your skin and apple cider vinegar can prove to be the best. You need to mix 25ml of rose water in 250ml or apple cider vinegar, now add some aloe Vera gel.
Mix it well and twice a day applies this toner, you can create a mist of it as well. Within three weeks you will experience a great difference.

Green tea


Researches have shown that green tea has got anti-inflammatory effects which can reduce post inflammation hyperpigmentation.
You need to make green tea and pour it in an ice cube mold. Freeze it and apply these cubes on your face thrice a day.

Licorice extract and kojic acid

Licorice extract is the best homemade remedy. You can create a mixture of kojic acid serum with licorice powder.
Make a thick paste and apply it on your face thrice a week, do not rub roughly, because licorice powder can be harsh on sensitive skin.
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