Television technology, in recent years, has witnessed remarkable innovations that have successfully redefined the audio-visual experience. With a host of new specifications and SMART features like OLEDs, QLEDs, Android-based interfaces, etc. products like Samsung smart TV, Sony TV, and others are no longer limited to just being devices for entertainment. These TVs also facilitate enhanced interconnectivity between computers, smartphones and other electronic units. 

For customers looking forward to buying a new television set, it is extremely crucial to learn about the specifications featured in the latest products. Staying updated will allow one to choose the best unit within a set budget range and offer an unparalleled TV viewing experience. 

3 New TV technologies that one must check out

Listed below are 3 best and trending technologies featured in the new TV units from leading brands that help provide an impeccable visual treat for its users.

  • 4K resolution

Resolution is one of the significant aspects of display and determines both colour and clarity. It is one of the major playgrounds for Samsung smart TV and units from other brands like Sony, LG, Panasonic and more. 

With the advent of new 4K technology, gone are the days of HDs and Full HD. 4K offers ultra-high definition with resolutions of 4096×2160. This is almost 3 times higher than that of full HD. Usually, the 4K technology can be found on a 40 or 43 inch LED TV. But 4K resolution works best on TV with more than 45-inch screen size.

  • Improved picture engines

Pixel count is another important aspect of display that helps render crisp and immersing picture quality. Essentially more pixel count is considered better for image quality. And to keep up with the increasing pixel count, TV brands are now equipping their units with picture engines. 

Sony offers an X Reality Pro Engine that intelligently enhances the pixel count and adds missing colours, lustre vibrancy. On the other hand, models from LG come with Triple XD engine that works on optimising contrast, colour and noise. Similarly, Samsung uses the 3D HyperReal Engine, and Panasonic has its innovative 4K fine Re-master that works brilliantly on contrast, motion and betters the 4K resolution.

  • Improved OS

SMART features are a must in televisions nowadays. Brands now curate their units with multiple operating systems. LG offers webOS, which is extremely user friendly and offers a seamlessly fast interface to access apps without any lags. Samsung customises its units with Tizen, also known as SmartHub. The special feature of this OS is that it offers a universal remote capability and provides an overlaid menu with big icons. Further, its One Remote facility offers efficient sync so that users can operate other devices connected to the TV.

However, with the advancement in features, the price of TV has also witnessed a sharp rise. If one does not wish to miss out on any front in terms of features and technology, the pocket pinch will be significantly higher. Nonetheless, the purchase can be made easy by shopping on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

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Hence, in the face of the growing technological spectrum, individuals should be aware of the specifications of top brands like Samsung smart TV, Sony, LG, Panasonic and more to make a learned decision. This will ensure that one avails the best combination of feature and price and maximise his/her entertainment experience.


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