QuickBooks is an accounting software launch by intuit to assist users to run their business effortlessly. Both kind of applications you will find in QuickBooks that are on-premises and the applications which are cloud-based that helps in various functions in a business. Quickbooks point of sale is the version that is introduced to help out businessmen who own retail businesses by keeping their business on track without much hassle along with all cash flow activities. It helps to manage inventory, sales, and even customers and can easily integrate with QuickBooks Payroll Support

Basically, what is a POS system?

POS stands for point of sale system is a combo of software and hardware, the software manages transactions details which gives you a better handle on transaction and customer management.

POS software comes in two forms

On-premise: download and install the software in your system.

Cloud-based: you can access your account from any device via the internet. 

QuickBooks POS an eminent accounting companion 

QuickBooks is developed and marketed by intuit. It is a robust accounting software preferred all across the globe due to its features and functionality. It’s advanced and the latest tools establish it as the best choice among business owners of different types of industries for accounting solutions. Quickbooks different versions target different audiences. Like, QuickBooks point of sale built to meet the demand of retail businesses. Its customized features provide smoothness to the users in order to handle financial tasks. Now here, we have mentioned a few exclusive attributes of QuickBooks. 

Key features of QuickBooks POS

  • Processing payments, accept payment through a number of mediums
  • Efficient inventory tracking 
  • Sales optimization
  • Accessible customers’ information
  • Employees management 
  • Hardware compatibility 
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Feature for gift cards, discounts, refunds
  • User-friendly interface
  • intuit qbo login

While using these result-oriented features, if you ever feel stuck at some point. Then connect with our QB experts to settle the issues. All you have to do is to place a call and access our support services!!

System requirement for QuickBooks POS 

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7 SP1 including 64 bits
  • Processor: 2GHz for a single user but 2.8GHz recommended; 2.8GHz for multiple users but 3.5GHz recommended
  • RAM: 4GB but 8GB recommended
  • Storage or capacity: 1GB minimum

What devices are compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale? 

To building and managing a retail business other than the intuitive software you need some hardware to take your business to a new level or grow to an extent. If you’re already in this field then you know well about the hardware essential for the business, anyhow if you’re not aware then RELAX! We are here. 

Here is a quick list of Hardware you need to build QuickBooks POS in a complete point of sale solution or we can say hardware that is compatible with QuickBooks POS

EMV ready PIN card

It is a card processing machine used to read cards while the payments are done via credit or debit cards.

Receipt printer

Through the printer, it is easier and fast to provide a receipt to your customer.

Barcode scanner

Intuit provides two types of a barcode scanner, one is wired and another is wireless.

Cash drawer

If your business involves a lot of cash then you should consider investing in cash drawers for better cash management.

Pole display 

It allows your customer to see the details of the transactions they made.

Tag printer 

It will help in printing the tag and labels with barcodes and eventually speed up the checkout process.

Pin pad 

There are a number of customers who used to settle their bills with credit cards and hence you need a pin pad for that. It a handheld device used to accept payments from credit and debit cards. 

Electronic scale for a shipping manager 

It is used to collect info from a compatible electronic scale connected to POS

Touchscreen monitor 

Touchscreen feature what’s today world needs and frequently use. 

Tag and label printers

It is well known that tag and labels are a common essential any retail business owner need and hence they are way convenient for them. 


For your retail business best accounting solution is QuickBooks point of sale. But what with the scenario of errors and issues? We have the best solution for it as well i.e. QuickBooks POS support phone number +1-855-533-6333 All you need to do is ring us and let us know about your problems, we will take immediate action to resolve and provide you the efficiency that you want from your software.

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