causes dryer

What causes dryer vents to clog 2021?

causes dryer

Are you facing any issues related to the clogged dryer vent? Most of people brush it off as a minor issue, but actually, it is a serious one that requires quite a bit of attention.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that there were 2900 dryer related issues reported by the US fire department between the duration of 2 years from 2008 till 2010. All these fire issues trace back to clogged vents. While if we look at the damage, it took away five people, more than 100 injuries, and around $35 million worth of property damage.

 It is the reason we should be cautious with our clogged dryers. Here are some signs that will intimate you that it’s time for dryer cleaning.

  • Dryer not performing as before. The clothes are wet even after a full dryer cycle
  • Dryer interior is hot, unable to touch
  • Burning smell during the dryer cycle
  • Covering of lint and fabric on the duct hood
  • It’s been more than a year that you hired a dryer cleaning service.

Finding the proper dryer vent cleaning in Smyrna is a tough ask, but if you research well, you will find some of the best services around. Such machinery is very delicate and intricate; thus, only certified professionals could handle them. Therefore, research well before you hire anyone for HVAC Cleaning or Vent Cleaning.

When the lint and debris build up in the vent, it restricts the flow of the hot air and gasses that release from the dryer. If you continue to use a congested dryer, then there is a high chance that it may result in fire.

A good rule of thumb is to hire cleaning services regularly, which means you should hire services at least once a month. It is essential because it helps to reduce the risk of damage, fires and enhances the life of the dryer. Moreover, there is a considerable jump in the performance of a clean dryer and a bunged dryer. Therefore, if you do not want to be safe from the hazards of dryer blockage, then you must maintain it just as if you maintain other things.

Apart from the risk of fire, regular cleaning also solves all your problems related to dryer performance. It is so because a clogged dryer prevents the humid air from escaping from your house. You must know the reasons which might play a part in blocking your vents. Here are the exact reasons that have a role in clogging the vent used for dryers.

  • Lint and Debris

causes dryer

The buildup of lint is one of the biggest reasons for clogging. It makes its way to the vent despite being extremely careful. It collects on the inner surface of the dryer duct, and with time, it starts to block air from escaping to the outside vent—the lack of airflow results in overheating, which contributes towards the lousy performance and sometimes fires.  

  • Corners or Kinks

The vents used for dryers usually change direction and elevation as they go to the exterior of the house. In such situations, there comes an unreachable corner becomes home for debris and dirt. It is the position where the lint will continue to grow and result in clogging.

Although it requires a lot of money and time to straighten the duct, it is once in a lifetime task that will make your dryer’s life more comfortable. It will also improve the cleaning process. Therefore, if you are one of the victims of such ducts, it’s time for you to call duct services near you to get it done as soon as possible.  


  • Congested Vent Concealment

Here is another primary reason because of which you might have to face clogged vents. Try to go outside while the dryer is running and notice the sound of dryer air blowing, and you will feel warm air escaping and smell fabric softener.

It is so because the dryer is under the protection of a vent cover that prevents the dryer from clogging. If the flap or the cover is stuck or the vent cover gets block itself, then it becomes hard for the dryer to keep the vent from clogging. Most of the times, this situation occurs because the lint is trap inside the vent cover; therefore, it gets blocked. While sometimes the problem is a little different and it happens because of the exterior blockage, such as spider webs, hornet nests, mud, or other debris was blocking the vent flap or vent cover from allowing air to escape.

  • Animal and Insect Activity

Animal and insects play a massive role in clogging the vents; they may even contribute to blocking the vents. For instance, birds and rodents usually find a path into the vents and build their nests. This situation considers being a blockage for the vent, which means that the ductwork is not able to vent the humid air from the dryer. The worst part is yet to come when these insects and animals die in the duct and cause a blockage. Such blockages cannot require homeowners to hire professional certified professionals who are experts in such tasks.

In the same way, insect activity such as wasp nests, spider webs, or beehives also plays a significant role in clogging the vents. They tend to build their home inside the duct because it is a warm and dry location, but for ductwork, it is a blockage, which affects their performance.

  • Fabric Softener Residue

Most of us do not consider fabric softener as a threat to dryer vents, which is very wrong because they also have a part to play when it comes to vent clogging. These softeners are a mixture of fats, oils, and fatty acids, which means that they create a sticky residue that causes lint to stick to the inside of the dryer ducts.

causes dryer

It does not matter if the shape of the ductwork is on a height, there is the presence of animals and insects or chemicals are blown into the duct, as vent cleaning can resolve almost every issue. So do not waste any more time and hire a cleaning service right away!

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