Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm

Google SEO ranking is essential for every webpage to get quality traffic on their website. Google is the most extensively used search engine among all other search engines in the world. Therefore, there are extensive opportunities for marketers. Websites must pay close attention to their ranking on the Google algorithm. It is because the top ranking websites get a significant portion of the traffic. This means expanded growth opportunities for your business. The authenticity of a business increases if the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking increases. It is a psychological benefit to your business over others. The more authentic a business is, the better image it has.


Keeping in mind the promising benefits of better ranking on Google algorithm, it becomes crucial to improve their rank. With so many changes and updates occurring in Google algorithms, it is necessary to use smart techniques. Here are some ways that help to elevate ranking on Google using White Hat SEO techniques.

Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm


  • Measure your rankings:

The first and essential step is to measure your ranking to have a real picture of your actual performance. You should keep all this information saved in a file for future reference. Extract all data related to Google Search Console keywords to have the know-how of valuable keywords and identify areas that need improvement.


  • Improve on-site SEO:

On-site SEO is a quick means of improving Google’s ranking. The first step is to frontload your keyword. This means that the keyword should be towards the start of the title tag. Google emphasizes more on terms that appear early on the title tag, while the keywords appearing afterward have less importance. The content should be more than 1800 words. This means that the content should cover complete details about the topic.

Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm


  • Build backlinks to your website:

To bring your content to the audience’s attention, you need to promote your page correctly. For this purpose, you need to build backlinks to your website. There are several methods to build bank links. You can get links through dead links, known as broken link building. Another way can be through guest posting, which has a higher risk of being spammed. Resource pages are also a good source of building backlinks for your website. Resource pages are created to provide links to the best content.


  • Monitor your technical SEO:

Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm

Technical SEO plays an integral part in the ranking of a website. You should optimize the website for mobile phones. This should be assured by double-checking. For this purpose, SEO professionals can use the mobile-friendly testing tool for Google. The loading of your website should be quick because it plays a vital role in Google ranking.


  • Use internal linking:

Internal links are the hyperlinks on a website referring to another webpage of the same domain. This is an effective strategy to bring organic traffic to your site resulting in an improved SEO ranking.


  • Focus on the user experience:

Improved user experience is an essential factor to pay attention to while striving to improve the Google algorithm ranking. You can enhance the user experience by aligning your content with users’ search intent. Page tags should be attractive and engaging. The content’s loading speed should be optimized to prevent users from any inconvenience.


  • Reduce your bounce rate:

Bounce rate on a website refers to the audience’s rate that leaves your website after viewing just one page back to the search results. This indicates that your website does not have the content that users are looking for. This adds to a negative factor for the ranking of your website. If your content is aligned with the search intent, it will reduce the bounce rate. Moreover, it would be best to improve your “above the fold” section of the website.


  • Publish high-quality content:

Publishing high-quality content is the key to improve ranking on the Google algorithm. High-quality content refers to the relevancy, accuracy, and value of the content for users. Provide new and accurate data and information to the users. The length of the content should also be kept in mind. Visual content like pictures, videos, maps, flowcharts, and infographics also help grab the users’ attention, adding up to the quality of your content and eventually helping in getting links.


  • Create eye-catching and engaging titles:

Your content title is the most critical part of your content that grabs traffic for your site. It is the first thing that the user notices about your website, and it builds an impression of the remaining information on your page. The title tags should be attractive, engaging and eye-catching for the users. It will encourage users to visit your webpage. You should include the keyword in the title with complete relevancy.


  • Add LSI keywords to your page:

Adding LSI keywords to your content is an advanced technique. This tactic works wonders. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords refer to the words and phrases conceptually related to the content topic. These words aid Google in determining the topic and analyzing the relevancy of the content with the topic. Keeping the entire content on one page is also an excellent tip to follow.

Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm

  • Match content to search intent:

If your content provides users with what they are looking for, you can expect your ranking to elevate. And if otherwise, Google may put your website down in ranking. This is because of the Rankbrain algorithm update. Analyze what is the search intent of the user and add all those aspects to your content. It will increase the rate of organic traffic on your website.


  • Fix technical issues:

A website free from any technical issues is considered to be having high-quality. The website should be easy for users to navigate and search on Google. Not only for users, but your website should also be convenient for search engines to crawl. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your ranking. There should not be any issues like duplicate content or broken links.


Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm

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Ways to improve ranking on Google algorithm

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