Visiting Manchester: Best Restaurants to Dine in Teeming with a population of nearly 3 million people, this town is a hotspot for all things food and drink.

Visiting Manchester: Best Restaurants to Dine in

Visiting Manchester: Best Restaurants to Dine in

Teeming with a population of nearly 3 million people, this town is a hotspot for all things food and drink. Over the past some decades, the food scene has flourished: trailblazing indie restaurants have opened throughout the city, under-the-radar regional favourites have been celebrated by national restaurant critics, and world-famous chefs are setting up flashy new ventures.

If you’re visiting or staying in Manchester, you can find the list below to be your best guide to the city’s eateries. From laid-back suburban bistros to a back-street sushi cave. From the casual and trendy to the Michelin-calibre, they are well worth your time. Especially for travellers who can take a Manchester airport taxi to a nearby restaurant. However, be sure to book beforehand and prepare for a uniquely Mancunian gastronomic adventure:


Although Hawksmoor is a band formed in London, it takes on an incredibly sleek and trendy incarnation up in Manchester. It’s no secret that public view asserts Hawksmoor as the best place for beef. The first of its kind outside London is placed in a late-Victorian courthouse that filled with traditional charm.

At Hawksmoor, steak and attention to detail have made a branch-like no other, whose beef is one of the world’s finest. With dark, wood-panelled rooms and frosted windows, it is somewhere to blur day with night over cocktails along with the country’s most delicate grass-fed meat. The institution serves high-fat cuts of dry-aged beef, as well as sustainably sourced seafood and world-class cocktails. Do not enable the stunning interior to deflect you from the fantastic food, however.

Their menus revolve around the top ingredients they can find — beef from ethically-reared, grass-fed native cows, sustainable seafood from around the British shore, or seasonal vegetables and fruits. Make sure to drop by if you’re in a taxi to Manchester and feeling famished.


Hispi is a neighbourhood bistro in every possible aspect with various dishes to go with every palate. It’s a neighbourhood operation that made its name off the back of principles that are, to put it simply, incredible. The focus was and continues to rely on British components like native fish, local cheeses and hand-picked mushrooms.

Everyone who understands the significance of having a good neighbourhood bistro can appreciate Hispi. It’s no secret that this restaurant is top of the bunch in Manchester. Expect some of the chunkiest British food, served with fresh ingredients and yummy results. Space-wise, spartan yet comfortable seating places the focus firmly on food. Reliable, confident, classic cooking makes this relaxed spot many people’s go-to for particular occasions.

Where the Light Gets In 

Where the Light Gets In brings serious food fans from around the globe thanks to an innovational manoeuvre. With no menu, esoteric wines and Michelin star price tag, WTLGI doesn’t stick to the typical acceptable dining formula.

The enthusiastic team operates in the attic of a lovingly restored Victorian coffee shop in Stockport. Many of the components are sourced out of their nearby plantation. In reality, this rustic dining experience held within an unassuming loft is a real jewel in the North’s crown. Every Manchester taxi driver will know exactly where you want to go.

This restaurant comes with a culturally nostalgic taste as chefs into our island’s native components that change with the seasons. Most often, they use methods and techniques of preparation that go back centuries. Stop by their pop-up pub and vinyl night to get a more affordable taster.

El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro is an award-winning tapas restaurant and pub in a historical converted three-storey townhouse in the heart of Manchester city centre. This restaurant sets itself apart with interiors that are styled about relaxation, privacy, and encapsulating the specific rustic Spanish character.

El Gato Negro has proved a champion in casual dining with an urban edge.

The establishment has spent the last few years adding all kinds of accolades to the trophy cabinet; the group in charge have taken the choice to leave their West Yorkshire foundation and take up residency in King Street.

Founder/Chef Patron Simon Shaw and his group create seasonally-influenced dishes, combining Contemporary and traditional Spanish tastes and methods while taking inspiration And components from closer to home. The food is perfectly complemented with cocktails.


Since Opening their restaurant on the border of Piccadilly, the team behind Bundobust have built one hell of a buzz around Manchester.

Paradoxically, this underground restaurant serves up tapas-style tiny plates of vegan and vegetarian Indian food, along with an exhaustive — and somewhat tiring — listing of beers and craft ales. Just take the inviting staircase down beneath the gardens, and you will discover a foodie sanctuary by which the likes of the Northern Hemisphere can’t compete.

Apart from a few booths for bigger groups, most Diners are sat alongside each other, college dinner fashion, on seats. Ideal in taste (affordable too) vegan South Asian cultural culinary, served with a diverse collection of delicious ale to combine it with. In a stylish and aesthetically pleasing environment, all this will come together to make the perfect evening.

Friends, couples, especially those looking for a fun night out away from everything, favour the establishment. Critics such as Jay Rayner have endorsed the restaurant, proving that the eatery is definitely something to reckon with.

Refuge By Volta:

Some of the most beautiful things you’ll notice about this establishment will include its interior décor. The theme, colours, atmospheric setting, even the plates on your table will represent a stylistic elegance signature to Volta’s Refuge.

Enjoying a prime location in Manchester right next to none other than the famous Palace Hotel, it’s impossible to resist the urge to try it out. This outrightly means that any Manchester taxi airport can take you in time for your flight from this restaurant.

Including the fact that it has received nothing but critical appreciation and a review by the Guardian critic, Marina O’Loughlin. As per Marina, Refuge is a dazzling tour de force. This means that this restaurant is verifiably and obviously worthy of making it to your to-do list.

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