How Much Are Brass Knuckles Worth?

There is something alluring about weapons and why people like them. They project power and for some, they are a symbol of bravery. Other than that of course, having a weapon also represents safety and the ability to protect oneself. Then there are some weapons that continue to be admired and used to this day, such as brass knuckles. They are ancient weapons that have been around for centuries and are still relevant for weapon lovers. If you look at the antique versions, they are pretty expensive as they’re hand-forged. You can fetch anything above a few 100 dollars to 1000 for an antique brass knuckle.

But then if you are looking at the modern versions that are sold in the market, it’s different. Since they continue to be manufactured and available in different materials, they’re less pricey. The fact is that there are many different ways of using a brass knuckle now other than fighting. If you are looking for cheap brass knuckles, you can check the local belt buckle stores or weapon shops. They are available for anywhere between 50 dollars to as less as 5 if you know where to get them. Either way, the options you get now might not be ancient but they are just as useful and impressive.

Evolution Of Brass Knuckles And How They’re Used

Considering that they have been around for centuries, brass knuckles have changed a lot. They were eventually known as the tiger claw in Asia where they were used in the 12th Century. A large and hefty claw-like knuckle protector would cover your fingers. They were initially created as weapons of self-defense to protect you during physical, direct combat. The soldiers often had to rely on their own strength to fight their enemies and that made them so famous. There were also examples of brass knuckles in Ancient Rome where gladiators and soldiers used them.

Naturally, brass knuckles were replaced with more sophisticated gadgets eventually. They became less important when people started shifting to other means but they hold their place. In boxing and fist fighting, brass knuckles are still the primary weapons that people use. And the normalized they became the more ordinary people became enamored with them. You could find a group of youths sporting knuckle dusters to appear tough and use in training. They are still used in professional training as weapons that help you build your strength.

Kinds Of Brass Knuckles In The Market

If you are a weapon lover, you must have at least tried the knuckles once. They continue to be bought by young people and sportsmen to train. But even within the broad term of brass knuckles, there are different versions that are sold.

  • The OG Brass Knuckles

    These are the most classic and ancient forms of knuckles we have already discussed. Originated in the 10th Century or even earlier, they were made from pure brass. It was used for combat and to fight in the coliseum against wild animals. These were actually made with the best metals and were quite heavy. They were also supposed to protect against blisters to riding horses or holding swords.

  • The Brass Knuckle Knife

    Even though not many army personnel will fight with knuckles now, they did once. During World War I, soldiers were fighting in the trenches against all odds. The army manufactured a duo weapon known as a trench knife or brass knuckle knife. It was a new contraption that combined the grip of the brass knuckles and a knife blade. These were used for direct combat for self-defense when facing enemies in the trenches.

  • Utility Brass Knuckles

    Not long after brass knuckles came into mainstream use, people realized they look badass. Many people started wearing them to appear tougher and they seeped into popular culture. But before that, they were also considered very useful tools. A simple brass knuckle can be a pretty good bottle opener. It also works well as a meat pounder and could be kept around the kitchen. That is, if there is no other reason to have one, you might just make some use out of it.

  • Décor and Buckle Knuckles

    The modernized versions of the brass knuckle are even more popular than antique ones. There are so many creative versions of them that are now sold in the market. There is a whole version of brass knuckles that are manufactured as belt buckles and paperweights. They are meant for accessorizing and decoration and are available in cool designs.

Are Brass Knuckles Best Self Defense Tools?

Given that their primary purpose was self defense when no other weapon was present, yes. Brass knuckles can be excellent tools for personal safety if you get them. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use them and neither are they harmful if found lying around. The only thing is that you need to have body strength and agility to use brass knuckles for self-defense. You need to learn some basic punching moves that would help you fight off attackers and criminals.

However, if you put a little time into learning them, they can be very useful for you. With the conventional brass knuckles, you can master some badass punching techniques. There is also a version of these weapons called the 2 finger brass knuckles that are awesome. Sometimes also known as dog-ear or cat knuckles, these are self defense knuckles with spikes. You can grip it in two fingers tightly and fend off any criminal or assailant by stabbing them. These are the usual brass knuckles for women that have proven effective in assault or harassment.

Cool Brass Knuckles For Collection

Along with the many reasons for buying brass knuckles mentioned above, knuckles are also collectibles. They come in so many sizes, styles, and designs now that they appeal to more people. As weapons, they are also quite affordable, hence collected by weapon lovers. If you are also looking to buy a brass knuckle for any reason that has been mentioned, try online stores. You might have to look through multiple places to get what you want otherwise. But if you look online, like the PA Knives store, they will provide you with a plethora of brass knuckles. You will get the most impressive designs and unbelievable prices in one place, with a sure mark of quality.


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