As per the trends are being changed day by day for each and every step and activity of life, and people love to use the modern technologies for every activity of life, especially for learning people love video and technologies and whiteboard animation videos are a common way to create videos that are much easier to illustrate and learn than you would expect with SaaS programs.

What are videos for whiteboards? Whiteboard images, the simple response, are videos of writing on a whiteboard. Generally, the video focuses on the writing on the board, and dialogue is also used. Now, if you want to make a live video of yourself on a whiteboard drawing something, go for it! But it’s not for you, this post. I have created whiteboard videos for live-action, and they take time to create from scratch. This technology of whiteboard is very useful for lots of purposes like education, professional, personal and many others.


Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation in Educational Videos


GoAnimate will help you to create your own whiteboard animation in your selected browser. Whiteboard animation theme includes thousands of hand-drawn assets like backgrounds, plus many characters and you can select whatever suits your video. So you can easily select characters according to your video. You can also set the image by changing its timing and adding a delay to fit the video’s script.

Video Scribe

It is another the best tool through which you can create a whiteboard animation according to your choice. In this tool you don’t need to have anything, you just have an idea or something to communicate with the people. Video scribe helps you to make animated sketched from any type of images you have selected.


Animaker is an outstanding video developer for animation that helps you to create entertaining video material. You can use Animaker as an instructor to create tutorials, explanatory images, video presentations, step-by-step educational guides, or video infographics. This process is very quick in which you don’t need any type of skills like coding or any information of technology. Animaker gives you all the resources and materials you need to create the first animated video that looks professional.

You can then edit your video, add pop-up effects, handcraft animations, scene transitions, and you can download, upload it to YouTube or share it with others through social media websites when your video is ready. In terms of features provided, the free version of Animaker is minimal, and the pro version provides much more options. 


It is one of the best and worldwide using software for whiteboard animation and many other video making and editing purposes. PowToon is another excellent web tool that helps you to generate powerful presentations and video animations. PowToon provides you with all the animation resources you need to start making your own professional-looking animated videos and animated presentations immediately.


This is another one of the best tools through which you can easily create a whiteboard animated video. In this tool, there are 3 simple steps through which you can create it easily which are, first, choose a design to make a video. Seconds, add your own tools like media, text, audio, etc and third is to promote your video on social media. Rawshorts tool is very famous for its starting plan which is available for free.


Steps to Create Whiteboard Animation in Educational Videos

Experts are going to explain some steps in form of these point:

Write Your Script

For everything in this digital world, the very first part is played by the content and this is the first and fundamental step towards writing a script. Provided that it should be the final result, and void of writing a script that is an essay, blog, or something else, you have to build a script. You need to write a script that shows you what you’re trying to say in your video. This means you can not use all of your details or words in your video, so you have to mention that in your script you are explaining it more.

The Script’s Storyboard

After a script has been developed. You should be able to use the script for the storyboard. You have to decide how you want to arrange your script on your whiteboard during this point. How and where does a frame have to be moved? It is possible to connect the script and storyboard work to each other, but they should interact independently.

Animate the Storyboard

After storyboarding the script there comes the animate of the storyboard. In this step, you have to lay down your storyboard in a way that suits your script. The mechanics of your animation depends upon the tools you use, but this the important part that will help you to create a story.

Time Animation 

Timing your animation is something like connecting it with your script. Where the magic occurs is the pacing of the script and animation. Do you want to see icons come in right when you tell them? Or do you want them to slip in and, while you’re talking, maybe counter your script? These are all the artistic resources you can use that will bring to life your video.

Quick remember, this is where it comes to the sense of getting very similar to what you are saying in your script. If you change the way you make your points each time, your timing may be off and your animation will not match. Edit and modify as much as you want your script, but stick to it for continuity. To easily make your whiteboard-styled videos you can go through any type of sources available on the internet or you need help in your assignments so you can go through nursing assignment writers UK. 

Record the Audio

Now you have your script which you have written, you have storyboarded the script, you have animated the storyboard, and you have applied animation so now you have to record the audio.


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