Variations in construction refer to changes and amendments. These changes may either be an increment or a decrement. The variations mostly come from the contractor and the owner’s side. No matter the project’s size, a project will always face some variations after the execution phase. Some of the projects also face variations before the execution phase.

Multiple reasons and objectives are behind variations within a project. Some of the project’s variations turn out to be beneficial for the project’s success, while some variations result in failures that are difficult to recover. You will see very few construction projects that did not go through variations. At every stage of the construction project development, you will see some variations in its design, scope, and budget.

This article will briefly discuss the project variation types and the common reasons for project variations.

Top 6 types of variations in construction projects

Some of the project variations are intentional, and some of them are unintentional. The outcome of these variations will either be positive or negative. You will see various variation types for a construction project.

Following are some of the eminent variation types.

1. Variation in project scope and specifications

Sometimes the project owner asks for changes in the project scope, deliverables, and specifications. Variations in project scope occur because of less engagement of the owner with the construction team in the construction project’s early planning stage. It is very important to conduct as many meetings as possible with the owner to avoid any project misunderstandings. Misunderstandings always lead to project disputes and claims.

2. Variations in the project budget

The project owner may provide less budget than it was specified after initiating the project. Such variations lead the project to incompletion and failure; the owner and contractor may indulge in budget claims. Budget claims are very common in which the use of budget increases from the contractor side, or the owner may not provide enough budget. An expert is the only solution to deal with budget claims, hire construction claims consultants to resolve your budget claims and disputes.

3. Variation in project design

One possibility is that the owner may ask for a change in the construction project design, and the second one is that the workers working on the construction project may build the project differently from the specified method. The first case becomes problematic for the workers, and the second one becomes an issue for the owner.

4. Variation in project quality

One of the important aspects of a project is its quality. There is no way one can compromise on the quality. If the material used is of bad quality, it will affect the quality of the construction project. Another factor that defines the quality of construction is the abilities and skills of the workers. If they are not competent enough to complete the project, there will be a workforce variation.

5. Variations in equipment and technology

The tools and equipment that workers use vary from time to time. With the advancement in technology, new and efficient machinery does most of the construction work. It is very important to train the workforce to use these new technologies for their safety.

6. Variation in construction site

The construction site may also vary due to many unforeseen reasons and weather conditions. There are possibilities that the grounds are not suitable for the construction, which will increase the chances of changing the construction site.

Common reasons behind project variation

Below are some of the very common reasons that bring changes to the project scope, design, and site.

1. Design complexities

There will be a variation in project design when it is too complex. The contractor or the workers may ask for a change in the design. There might be possibilities that the workers will develop a project that differs from the initial project design unknowingly due to less understandability of the project. Such variations are the root cause of construction claims, and the project owner may not release the payments even after the project completion. Seek the guidance of construction claims consultants in UAE to resolve disputes that arise due to changes in construction design and the project’s final results.

2. Owners less engagement

Another reason for variations in the project is the project owners’ less engagement in the project planning phase. They will be objectifying the deliverables and ask for variations in the design of the project.

3. Less knowledge of project

You will succeed in executing a project similar to the one you planned in the planning phase if you and your workers understand the project goals, specifications and design. Most of the project variations occur because of the contract’s inexperience in explaining the project to the workers.

Positive variations are good for project health and success

Some variations in construction projects are known as positive variations because they bring a positive change in the project. Such changes ensure the project’s growth and success. It is very important to add more positive variations and avoid negative variations in your project.



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