You might be thinking about which Linux Distro is the best to get started in 2020 and which is the most beautiful Distro of 2021. I in article we will talk about the Top Wonderful Best Linux Distro 2021 that you could start using. I have collected these Distro by my research on different Linux Forums and all these Distros can be used from native users to high-end users to get the taste of Linux Distro in 2021.

Deepin OS 20

Deepin OS

Deepin OS 20 uses the latest version of a Deepin desktop environment which is a fantastic and eye pleasing Linux Distro that provide impressive Mac OS lookalike experience. Every element of Deepin OS have been taken care of and crafted very well looks like a big Linux Distro. This OS has the best background that makes it a supper stunning Linux Distro. You may find a customize dock along with that you can change the way it should look by changing a different desktop modes.

Deepin OS allows you to customize your desktop by changing its themes, wallpapers, as well as its colors. You can select theme of your choice and there are many themes available in this OS. There is also a best notification center and you can get the latest notifications and also check for the problems. When we talk about the system tools it comes with all basic necessary tools like video player, finder, office toolkit and many other useful applications which helps you will getting started with Deepin OS.

Deepin OS uses the debain package manager to install or remove any king of software. There is also a app store where you can find thousands of applications to download.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS

We have Elementary OS at number 7. It is very reliable Linux Distro that looks very similar to Mac OS Mavericks. This distro is designed to look like a retro Mac OS and provides a cutting edge user experience. Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu LTS with pantheon Desktop environment.

In one word Elementary OS is the combination of Ubuntu with a pantheon Desktop environment along with that you would get a standalone features from Elementary developers. When it comes to the user interface you can take a look at the dock, the application menu, the calendar and the system everything looks like magnificent. The built-in system theme applied for all defaults applications gives you a stunning mind-blowing visual user experience.

All the default applications that comes will the Elementary OS are fantastic. When it comes to multitasking using the hard corners control option. You can view all the running applications. These hot corners gives a full power to the end user that helps in quickly doing some actions by hovering the cursor to the edge of the screen.

To the install the new software you can use the APT (Advance Package Translator) and debain package manager. Elementary OS also have the apps store to and from apps store you can install the new apps.


Now, we have discussed about the top 2 Linux distro for 2021. There are many distro available on the internet but you have to choice which is the best for your needs. If you have a information security Blog or a experience in IT then you can use these distributions to do your daily working.


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