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music streaming industry,  Who doesn’t love music? Not even one!! Yet as people’s lives are moving faster as they tend to be in the busy schedule, they find insufficient time to browse each song or the entire list of music tracks, sort it into playlists, buy songs they like, and all that jazz. But with the advent of mobile apps, the way people perceive things have totally changed. The same goes for listening to music. Yes! There is much music streaming apps on Google Play and AppStore.

The widely known and trending music streaming app like Spotify has become this popular because they are simple to access and convenient to use. Added, innumerable and varieties of songs are available on a single platform and are readily accessible with just a few taps from mobile devices. 

It is recorded that for more than a decade, there have been more than 100 million active users on well-known music streaming apps like Spotify. It has made a mark in the music streaming apps industry. 

Do you also want to build an app similar to Spotify? Well, you can have your own music-streaming app with a Spotify clone script. Having your app using a clone app will be discussed briefly in the upcoming section. So without further ado, keep reading!!

Why is Spotify widely used by many?

Spotify’s model of allowing people to stream songs on demand proves more popular than curated playlists, paid downloads, or internet radio broadcasting. It is loved especially by teenagers because there is no more searching for unknown artists/songs in shops. They don’t even have to search or browse on the web because the Spotify app encompasses all of it and has all songs in a single app.

Why Music apps over traditional ways?

As the saying goes, music is everywhere and so does music streaming apps. Yes, the popular music streaming app Spotify is widely spread and used by more than millions of active users. As an entrepreneur, have you ever asked yourself why they prefer using apps over traditional listening methods? 

One of the crucial reasons is the way it connects with their emotions. And it is no surprise that music streaming apps like Spotify are blooming all over the app stores,tops the music streaming app industry due to the availability of varieties of songs in a single app and are easily accessible with just a few taps.

Music streaming app market overview

music streaming industry

Presenting some of the stats that will prove the popularity of music streaming app like Spotify

  • It is recorded from the legit source, Stats, that the global music streaming market is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2023.
  • Spotify has a 36% market share of music streaming subscribers.
  • The astounding fact is that the average revenue per user is approximately $26
  • Apple claims that around 60 million users pay for Apple Music subscriptions.
  • Spotify, the popular music streaming app, occupies a 40% market share. At present, the app has more than 232 million active users.
  • It is predicted that the global customer base of using music streaming apps will grow tremendously, reaching 3 billion by the end of 2025.
  • The global market for music streaming apps will reach $17.5 billion in valuations by the end of 2025.
  • music streaming industry

With 109 million premium subscribed users and nearly 230 million active users, the Spotify app occupies a predominant position among people and businesses worldwide. The above-mentioned stats prove that the market will continue to boom for the years to come.

As you can see, the music streaming market’s demand and its growth never cease. You may think it will be challenging to compete with top music streaming apps like Spotify. Well, your question is valid. But nothing is impossible if you try. Here in this blog, we will walk you through the whole process of developing an app like Spotify.

Wanna have your app in the competitive market? Get our fully functional Spotify clone 

If you want to create a benchmark in the music streaming app industry, you will have to launch an app with the best quality, intuitive user-interface, and super-engaging. But is it possible to have your own pace in the industry in a short duration of time? Well, if you think about it, the answer is a big yes!!

Enter into this lucrative industry by developing your robust and trending Spotify app with our impeccable and user-friendly Spotify clone drenched with customizable features and services. Now, sit back and relax!! Keep scrolling to know what our alluring Spotify clone has in store , and develop your Spotify app with your brand name and logo on it using our Spotify clone script.

Splendid features of our Spotify clone

  • Social media login

Users can log in to the app easily using their active social networking sites or can also use their login credentials to sign in to the app.

  • Shuffle music list

This remarkable feature in our clone app allows your users to easily shuffle their favorite songs list to enjoy any of the songs randomly.

music streaming industry

  • Quick search

Users can swiftly search for a song they are looking for. We developed our clone app integrated with the optimized search engine. This helps find the query swiftly and accurately.

  • Social media integration

This feature enables user profiles to be integrated with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

music streaming industry

  • User profile

Users can easily create their personalized profiles that other users can view.

  • Personalized suggestions

Our Spotify clone is developed in a way where users are prompted with high personalized suggestions by learning their preferences intimately.

  • Trending tracks
  • music streaming industry

This feature never keeps your user out of trend. They can view songs that are topping/trending in their country, state, city, etc. using filter options.

  • Statistics

Using this feature, users can easily view and know the statistics and learn more about their own music preferences.

music streaming industry

Stats like the amount of time they have spent listening to particular music, a specific artist, their frequently played songs, and so on.

music streaming industry

  • Music player

How will a music app be without a music player? We made sure our clone app has an audio-only playback music player, where it permits your users to listen to songs in the background while they use their mobile phone.

Monetization strategy – Spotify clone

The main point of developing an app is not just to serve users and bridge their demand, but it also should benefit your business. How can it be done? Our Spotify clone offers three effective monetization strategies for entrepreneurs like you. 

music streaming industry

  • In-app ads

This revenue model enables you to charge other advertisers to advertise their products/services to your users.

For instance, apart from the ads that portray in the form of banners, it also requires its listeners/users to listen to a couple of ads for every three to five songs. To be precise, the advertisers are charged for being slotted into these slots. 

  • Premium services

This model unlocks advanced features like playing music offline by enabling them to download curated playlists and share them with their well-being. To avail of such remarkable features and services, your users will have to pay a considerable fee.

  • Subscriptions

This is an effective revenue-generating model because generally, people prefer to listen to music without any interruption. So, keeping that in mind, our team inculcated this model where the users can listen to songs ad-free by paying either a monthly or yearly subscription. Hence, for a subscribed user, the ads are removed after paying, but their subscription fee still lets your app earn money consistently.

Wrapping up

Our Spotify clone app has much more. Here, we have listed only a few. So, to set foot in this industry, get in touch with us and develop your Spotify app using our outstanding and unique Spotify clone script that helps you launch your app at the earliest, thereby benefiting your business by reaching massive users and reaping huge profits in no time.

music streaming industry


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