Top programming languages of 2020 according to the IEEE

Do you want to be acquainted with the top programming languages of 2020 according to IEEE?
Before diving into the details, let’s discuss the fundamentals of these programming languages. In

This modern period, programming languages have simplified our lives.
Each industry and sector is being benefited from these coding. Whether, it is a hospital, bank, automobile, or any division, each sector in the current period depends on the coding.

This is the Reason coding is the most reputable and high paying jobs of 2020. When we go deeper into the fields of coding, then we get to know that it is mostly used in web-designing, IT, research, and so

On so forth.

Undoubtedly, coding is a crucial segment of present times. But, the question arises that which programming language would have a huge demand in 2020? Certainly, a person should be aware Of how many languages he should learn for a better future career? We will try our best to give the answers to these complicated questions in this article.’

Certainly, there are various useful programming languages. This is the reason it becomes tough at times for the developers when they decide which language to select. However, programmers and developers should have basic knowledge of each language. Let’s now discuss the top Programming language of 2020 for your better understanding.


The following are some programming languages that are recommended to learn and execute in


Top programming languages of 2020 according to the IEEE

Python is considered as one of the finest programming languages that every programmer and developer should know in the year 2020. You might have observed that various programming Languages are too complicated to use. But, this is not the case with python. It is simple to learn And implement. Interestingly, python has well-organized codes. This is the reason it helps in Building effective web-applications.

The python is common and effective in the domain of desktop and web applications, machine learning, network servers, etc. This programming language has enormous support and it presents numerous frameworks and components that construct app development a breeze. Undoubtedly, python is an old programming language. But, still, it should be learned in 2020 due to its extensive attributes. Once you are aware of python, you can easily get your dream job.

Moreover, this language would also help you in attaining the freelance projects as well. This is the reason several cheap reliable essay writing services have written numerous benefits of python. Therefore, one should consider this language as a key language to learn in 2020.


This is one of the oldest and popular programming languages that are implemented to develop server-side apps. Interestingly, it is going to be the 24 birthday of Java this year. Java is being consistent in providing value to its users. It is one of the highest recommended options in android app development.

Java is easy to implement. There is no need for any technicalities in using this language.
Furthermore, Java has a superior level of security as well. Interestingly, this programming
language is simple to learn as compared to C and C++. This is the reason numerous big multi-national companies rely on Java for back-end development ventures and desktop apps.


Kotlin has suddenly gained the attention of many big organizations due to its valuable features. This programming language is built with type inference. Moreover, Kotlin is designed in such the way that it is compatible with Java. Interestingly, Kotlin is considered as the first language of android. This programming language provides such unique and useful attributes which are the actual requirement of every developer.

Additionally, Kotlin provides functional programming attributes as well.
The interoperation of Kotlin and java effectively improve android development. Interestingly, numerous java apps have been redrafted in Kotlin. Lots of big names including Pinterest and Coursera has switched towards Kotlin due to its magnificent functions and attributes.


Swift is one of the handy programming languages that is created by Apple. This language
provides easy and unified syntax to its developers. Moreover, it is determined by Python. Swift is super secure and extremely simple to implement. Interestingly, the swift has restored the Objective-C as the key language apps associated with Apple.

The swift has been immensely endorsed by Apple. It has huge support and recognition in the present time. According to the study, the fame of swift would increase more over time.
The simplicity of swift can be measured with the information that even coders with almost no experience can also use it easily. Swift assists the developers in developing the apps in no time. This useful language creates lots of chances for fresh programmers and it helps in man ways during the app development.

5. JavaScript

Top programming languages of 2020 according to the IEEE

It is one of the famous programming languages. This language is also called as NodeJS.
JavaScript helps the developers in client-side and server-side programming. This is well-matched with numerous programming languages. It allows developers to run multimedia, produce animations, etc.

JavaScript is vital for the IT industry due to its superb speed and yearly updates. Several big names including Pay Pal, Uber, etc. are using JavaScript for vibrant web pages that are safe and quick. Therefore, learning this language would be fruitful for a developer in 2020.

Certainly, all the developers and coders have a hunger to learn new and exciting programming languages. But, you need to analyze that which language is attaining fame. Moreover, you should only consider a language that would be beneficial for your personal growth as well. Lastly, the
information that is provided in this post would help numerous developers and coders a lot in learning the language in 2020.


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