Awesome Fitness Hacks

Fitness, working out, taking care of yourself is the No.1 way to improve every single aspect of your life. It’s all because you’re going to feel better and boost up confidence. As a result, you’re going to have better relationships because you feel good about yourself, you’re going to be better at work and you’re going to make more money. In short, everything gets better and when you start seeing results, it is incredible.

But one of the things that cause people to stop is the frustration because they don’t see the results and they’re looking for fast enough. To keep you motivated and moving forward faster, we’re going to share 7 awesome fitness hacks to get better results faster.

Join Different Gym

What you can do to jumpstart your progress? Join a different gym. If you’ve been going to the same gym or fitness center for a long time, chances are it’s probably a good idea to switch. The reason is that you’ve gotten to know everybody there and so when you go in and you talk to all these different people, it slows you down.

The other reason is that you’ve gotten used to the machines. When you join a new gym, your workouts go through the roof. You’ll get excited to go because I get to try different things, there are new people to look at and it is awesome.

Awesome Fitness Hacks

Workout Alone

The second fitness hack to get better results faster is workout alone. Partners are great for spotting and for talking but in terms of helping you progress and moving through a workout quicker, they suck. You might be wondering like I need a spot when I’m benching 350 lbs. In that case, you should get to know some of the new people at the new gym and ask them for a spot.

Fasted Cardio

Don’t lose the amazing fat loss opportunity that you have by doing cardio on an empty stomach. If you can’t get up and do a cardio first thing because you’ve got something early and you don’t want to get up early. In that case, you can do it later in the day but make sure that you don’t eat three hours prior so that your body is as empty as possible. When you do cardio on an empty stomach in your target zone, your body is using fatty acids as the energy source to keep you going.

Compound Movement

Start doing compound movements. Making a point to add compound movements into your workouts. If you are currently just relying on machines, you’re just getting part of the muscle not the whole thing. Compound movements are an incredible way to engage stabilizing muscles and to work your body in a way that hasn’t been worked before. The term compound movement is when you’re engaging multiple joints in one exercise like squat and deadlifts etc.

For better performance, you might consider taking some prescribed HGH injections like humatrope 72 iu.

Diet is the Key

Another great hack to get results faster is all about your diet. Limit the amount of times you go out to eat too once per week. Prior planning prevents poor diet performance. There’s nothing that is going to change the way your body looks naked faster like getting on a good diet. Eliminate the crap and you’re going to be amazed at how insane you feel your energy levels through the roof. In short, you’re going to look like a new dude.

Proper Nutrients

Awesome Fitness Hacks

Make sure to give your body the proper nutrients that it needs in order to do what it does which is heal, rebuild, bigger, stronger and faster. High quality protein supplement and an amazing multivitamin drives you nuts when you talk to these young dudes who are all like into fitness working out and they’re taking all these crazy supplements and they’re not giving their body the building blocks that are protein and the nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Those two things are critical and last but certainly not least.

Use Foam Roller

Awesome Fitness Hacks

This is something many pros have been using for years that have kept them and helped them stay injury-free is a foam roller. You need to learn about this because this is something that is going to assist you in something called myofascial release where you roll on it. Surely, it’s painful but what it does it helps break up adhesions, keep your muscles lose your tendons and ligaments. All those things working in proper function and fashion.

Understandably, working out is hard. If it was easy, everybody would do it. If you fit it in, if you figure out where it can fit into your life and this could mean that you just go for a walk during your lunch break do a few push-ups at night it just starts with you doing one simple thing. Honestly, if you start now and fit it in 30 days from now, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without it.

Awesome Fitness Hacks



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