Online Scams, The internet has made our lives easier. You want to go somewhere; you can now book a cab with your smartphone. You need to buy groceries; there are multiple online platforms to buy groceries from. Even if you need academic writing assistance for an assignment; you can find several websites that offer such support. However, the internet has also brought some danger, along with convenience.

Before you go to the internet in search of academic writing services read My assignment help reviews, here are some of the most common online scams that you need to learn about.

1. Phishing:

This is the most common form of online scam. In this cyber attack, the hackers attempt to steal your personal data. The worst part about this scam is that the user himself/herself hands over the data to the hackers. Phishing is generally done through emails, which usually look genuine. The hackers trick the users into giving up their valuable and sensitive data such as the login details of the office system, user ID and password of net banking, and more. Once they have the data, they can use it for anything they wish to do.

2. Shopping scams:

Online Scams

Such scams are difficult to identify because of their randomness. The shopping scams are typically based around companies that pretend to sell certain products they never really intend to deliver. Such scams happen with students when they look for online writing services. The website simply takes your money but never deliver the solution. The advertisement of such fake services often arrives through an email or social media platform.

3. Fine print scams:

Every online service provider generally has a particular set of terms and conditions to which the user needs to agree. However, a majority of the users agree with it without even reading what is mentioned there. This gives the scammers a golden opportunity to scam the users. They often get your agreement on charging additional money from you. If you choose an assignment writing service that charges you more than usual or does not offer any refund in case of missing the deadline, you cannot do anything about it as they have got your agreement.

4. Malware downloads: Online Scams

There are many websites that display a bunch of ads and “download this” buttons. Even though you do not need to download anything from the website, there is a chance that you may mistakenly click on one of those buttons while surfing the website. This allows the website to load a file on your hard drive. If the website is run by scammers, they can put malware in the download links. Once downloaded, the malware can damage your system and/or send your personal data to the hackers.

5. Fake surveys:

Usually, when you buy a service or product from a company, it sends you a feedback form or survey form where you can express how you feel about the service or product. Scammers can also use this technique to scam you. When you receive such emails, you need to see what are they asking for. If they are asking you to submit sensitive details such as your bank details, your social security number, etc., you should ignore it completely.

There are several other scams that you may encounter while availing any service on the internet. So, before you make any move on the internet, take necessary measures to ensure it is safe.



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