How To Publish An App

Tips Of How To Publish An App On Google Play Store

How To Publish An App On Google Play Store

Did you just launch your first app? Congratulations! The next part is a tricky one; you have to get your app published on Google Play Store. There are two options either you hire an android app development agency to do the heavy lifting for you, or you could do it by yourself.

There are millions of apps on Google Play Store, making it the biggest digital distribution platform in the digital world.

When you’ve developed an app for the first time, it’s quite difficult for you to get it published on Google Play Store. They have their specific policies that you need to adhere to to publish your app without any hiccups.

In this blog, we’ve put together some important tips that will help get your app published on the Google Play Store.

Create A Developer Account

How To Publish An App On Google Play Store

The first course of action you need to do is sign up for a developer account. You can create an account with your current Google account.

There is a fee of $25 for creating a developer account, but you need to pay it once. Before you make the payment, you need to read and accept the Developer Distribution Agreement’s terms and conditions.

Then, you need to fill in all the details required for signing up for the account. It generally 48 hours to get your account registered. So be patient.

For Monetary Gain, Create A Merchant Account

Well, almost everyone makes an app to get monetary advantages. If you want to make money as well, you need to have a merchant account. Similar to a developer account, you need to fill out the relevant details when you’re signing up for the merchant account.

After filling out and successfully creating the merchant account, your account details synchronized with your developer account.

With the merchant, you’d able to know all the details of your in-app purchases, sales, and other monetary benefits on your Google Play Store.

Upload APK File

Once you have laid all the groundwork, it’s time to find and utilize the APK (Android Package Kit) file. The android operating system utilizes the APK file for install and distributes apps on Google Play Store. In short, you need the APK file to effectively run on an android device.

There are plenty of ways to upload your APK file; however, you need to make an app release before uploading the file.

Provide An Adequate Content Rating

It’s crucial to have a rating for your app. This is because if your app is not rated, it will most probably get removed from Google Play Store.

You are required to fill out a questionnaire to rate your app. You have a provide all the information truthfully; otherwise, it may lead to disapproval and removal of your app from the Play Store.

When you provide an adequate rating for your app, it will help your app be visible to the appropriate audience. That, in turn, will boost your app downloads.


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