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Tips for companies on Social Networks in 2021

Tips for companies on Social Networks in 2021 an increasingly competitive scenario, marked by turbulence and economic uncertainties, it is natural for companies to question and review all their investments in communication, especially in digital communication. For lead generation companies, which, for the most part, do not achieve direct sales results within social networks, the great challenge is to equate the work and the investment made clearly. Below, we have put together five winning practices for B2B companies that want to increase their relevance within social networks and generate lasting fruit.

Social networks allow an open dialogue with the consumer, which is nothing more than a good conversation. And just like in a conversation, it isn’t enjoyable to talk to someone who talks about you all the time, about your needs and how she has a capacity that you don’t have.

The dialogue between brands and their consumers happens in the same way. Instead of promoting yourself all the time, focus on having a friendly conversation and information relevant to the specific needs of customers naturally without promoting yourself insistently, that is, talk to your consumer not only about your product but also about the market in which it operates, its category and breakdown, educate it about your product and how it can be a great solution.

Uniqueness is one of the basic rules of communication. Our receiver must uniquely interpret the mark in all its manifestations. In other words, communication language must be the same in the product, in a store, in advertising and all other points of contact with the brand. This is important to ensure a uniform and unique brand presence, where the consumer can immediately recognize the brand.

Search Content Relevance Tips for companies on Social Networks in 2021

“We need to create relevance”. Despite being a common expression that we hear mainly at marketing meetings, few know its real meaning.

To translate relevance into communication, especially for social networks, we could say that it is the importance, adequacy and perception of value given the company’s message. In other words, relevance in communication is to create the right message for the right audience, where it makes sense with our consumer’s context.

To create relevance, we need to answer some basic questions; is the message clear to our recipient? Is it suitable for your profile? Would it beat our receiver? Is the news shareable? If we can get an affirmative answer to all these questions, the chances of increasing the relevance of the message are much more significant.

Explore video messaging

Video content is a tool increasingly used by brands that want to engage their consumers. This is because it is a powerful communication tool and gives consumer credibility clearly about their products. Today, videos are already the majority of content consumed on the network.

But for videos to make an impact, they must have a clear purpose, attract attention and an attractive format to be a consumer. Technology companies, for example, use videos to educate their consumers about their products, showing how their solutions can help their products, their technological differential, customer testimonials and even the day-to-day activities within their company to bring the consumer.

Invest in smart media

Social networks are a great communication tool but make no mistake, they are all a business, and of course, they need to generate profit. For this reason, many times, as much as the brand thinks about all the previous points, it does not have the desired reach.

Tips for companies on Social Networks in 2021

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