Vaping is a popular and effective way to take CBD. Like any other method of consumption, it is important to understand all that revolves around it. This ranges from its advantages to disadvantages. In this article, we focus on what you need to know before vaping CBD oil.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound extracted from cannabis plants, specifically hemp. In recent years, CBD has grown in popularity because of its therapeutic properties. It exists in three forms; CBD isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum.

CBD isolates are the purest form of CBD since it is extracted as a single product. For full-spectrum, CBD is extracted with other cannabinoids including traces of THC, flavonoids, terpenes, and essential vitamins. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all that is in full-spectrum except for THC.

What is CBD oil?

As aforementioned, CBD is extracted from hemp. This should not make you confuse CBD oil with hemp seed oil. CBD oil is obtained from the floral parts of the plant while hemp seed oil is obtained from the seeds.

In most cases, CBD oil contains MCT oil which is obtained from coconuts. Such oil is not suitable for inhalation according to studies. CBD oil of this kind is simply a tincture and the most appropriate way of consuming it is through ingestion. Inhaling such oil poses serious health risks like contracting lipoid pneumonia as mentioned in studies.

There is a clear distinction between CBD oil for inhalation and CBD oil tinctures. Most CBD oil tinctures are oil-based for example many contain MCT oil. On the other hand, the CBD oil vape pen is not oil-based.

The most appropriate name to call CBD oil meant for inhalation is CBD vape juice. You can find it in cartridges if you are using refillable vape pens like Stellar by Dr. Dabber. There are also disposable vape pens with high-quality CBD vape juice.

What is the Perfect Dose for Me?

There is no perfect dose when it comes to CBD. We are all different and it depends on several factors like body tolerance, weight, and the symptoms being targeted. Some of us are either more or less tolerant than others. 

If you are more tolerant to CBD, then you require a larger dose compared to someone who is less tolerant. Always consult with a physician before trying CBD, especially if you are a first-time user. When using it for different purposes than what you are used to it is also good to consult.

The common way to determine the best dose for your body is to start low then slowly work your way up. If for example you begin with 2 mg CBD, slowly increase that amount by 2 mg in your next consumption. The internal should between sessions be more than six hours for better results. Once you experience positive effects, that is your perfect dose, mark it.

Note that there is a significant difference among vape pens. For example, a vape pen with a cartridge containing 100 mg of CBD offers about 2 mg per puff. This will help you calculate the amount of CBD you are taking depending on the strength of CBD in your vape juice.

Which are the best CBD Brands?

The cannabis market is already flooded with products. This makes it difficult to distinguish between original and counterfeit CBD products which include oils. To avoid going home with products that don’t work, get all your products from reputable brands like Dr dabber, CBDswift, PureKana, and so on. But how do you know a reputable brand?

To know a reputable brand, go to the product section on their website and look at reviews. Trusted brands have professional and positive reviews from previous customers. Another important thing to look for is third-party lab testing in a credible and trusted facility. This should be available alongside ingredient information.

Why is Third-party Lab Testing important?

Third-party lab testing is important in determining THC level, cannabinoids present, contaminants, and residual solvents. Every brand is required to carry testing in their company but it is important to re-do the test in a different facility for confirmation. 

The information is genuine only if it is from a reputable lab. Always look at the information carefully, more specifically look at THC level and CBD content. For reputable brands, this is usually in bold.





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