The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business


Even before the UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business. the pandemic, there was a steady increase in the magnitude of people ordering food. 60% of the customers say that they order food to be delivered to their homes at least once a week, and 31%, at least two times a week. It has also been found that 34% of the customers spend at least $50 on these orders. The market is expected to grow at an annual rate of about 12% over the next five years which would mean that the entire industry will be worth about $76 billion in 2022. The top five players in this space have a combined valuation of over $11 billion.

On the surface, UberEats Clone seems like a great idea because the restaurant can concentrate on the core of their business which is just about perfecting and preparing the food. This freedom, however, comes at a cost, more precisely, a commission!

Dedicated Restaurant App vs Aggregator App – The Ongoing Conundrum 

This presents restaurants with a quandary. On one side, there might be restaurants that do not wish to invest in building a fleet of delivery executives but only concentrate on preparing and packaging food. Some restaurants that have a considerable volume of orders might consider recruiting their fleet of delivery executives without parting with the profit they have earned.

Why Should Your Restaurant Use An App? 

There are diverse reasons why a restaurant should consider launching its mobile app. Outside the most obvious-yet-shallow benefit of flaunting, there are a lot of benefits, some on the surface and some under the hood.

Automate Promotions & Discounts

The promotions and discounts are, more often than not, left at the mercy of the aggregator! This presents problems on both extremes. Restaurants might be forced to give discounts to keep up their listing and profitability when doing business with the aggregator. Even if a restaurant were to offer discounts on its own accord, it might be lost in obscurity because of the crowd in the aggregator app.

With a restaurant app, however, it becomes easy to manage discounts and promotions. By incorporating push notifications, you can even send specific discounts to a specific set of people that you have isolated using the data you have gathered!

Run A Proper Loyalty Program

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

Customer loyalty is the Holy Grail of any business, and loyalty programs have made them more tangible. With an aggregator, it is more of a game of convenience and cost-efficiency. Even if someone were to order from your UberEats Clone restaurant cover, it’s quite likely that they might not repeat their order with you. Although there might be rare cases of repeat orders, introducing a loyalty program will ensure that there are no compromises in terms of retaining customers.

These loyalty points can not only be used for offering discounts but also for creating personalized experiences like special dinners/lunches for birthdays. It is also to be noted that while the loyalty program of the aggregator is confined to the food ordering space, the restaurant loyalty program can span both online and offline dining experiences.

Zero-Dependence On Third Parties

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

The involvement of The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business a third-party almost always translates into costs. It cannot be denied that certain aspects of your business are made easy and efficient by third parties but the cost might sometimes be a lot more than just money. With aggregators, it is possible that in addition to them having control over your customer data and payment information, they also can influence buying patterns by specifically promoting a few restaurants.

When you have your UberEats Clone app, such possibilities are brought down to zero. Without any dependence on third parties, you have better control over every aspect of your restaurant business, like the number of orders, pricing, offers and discounts, and even promotions and food festivals.

Facebook Page Orders 

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

Facebook, even despite its criticism, is the number one social network. Almost every restaurant has a robust and happening Facebook page, and the customers of a restaurant may hang out on their page. To capitalize on this crowd, your restaurant mobile app should be able to take orders directly from the Facebook page.

This feature comes in handy when you have introduced a dish or even have posted an attractive photograph of an already existing dish. It helps capitalize on the possibility of impulse buying, especially with dishes that are more than just a food item!

Pre-Order Dishes

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

Ask any restaurant visitor, and they will tell you that the most frustrating time for them is the time between them has given the order and them receiving the ordered dishes. Although it might be inevitable, you can minimize the waiting time at your restaurant by giving a facility for your customers to pre-order dishes even before they step into your restaurant.

On one side, it helps reduce the magnitude of frustration a customer undergoes, especially when it comes to dishes that require quite some time to prepare. It also ensures that you have more time available to serve customers. Five minutes saved for every order across 12 orders is an hour saved? If there are 10 tables in your restaurant, five minutes saved for every table in every order assuming 12 orders is 10 hours saved per day.

Analytics & Intelligence 

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

The success of any online delivery lies in measuring a multitude of parameters and inferring some intelligence out of it. With an aggregator, data is heavily filtered, and it might not be completely available to you, so you can make intelligent decisions. However, with an UberEats Clone app, the analytical data available to you can help in a huge array of avenues, including but not limited to better marketing, improving dishes and menu, working on profitable dishes, and even changing the lighting and ambiance of your restaurant interiors.

The Challenges

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

A restaurant application is not a bed of roses in its entirety. It has its share of challenges, but the good news is that they can be successfully countered. Thinking from a customer perspective, it is quite likely that a customer will download an app that gives them access to multiple restaurants rather than a single restaurant. However, if your restaurant can offer a unique experience and even if it is a local favorite, you can still attract loyal customers.


The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business

The presence of aggregators does not mean that restaurant apps are a thing of the past. They are bound to be the in thing in the future. A lot of restaurants have started using technology even in their physical premises to order food and to facilitate cashless payments, and some of them have even incorporated visual menus and review systems by just scanning a QR code. Restaurants are becoming individual entities all over again!

If you intend to create an app like UberEats, you don’t have to hire a development team. Instead, you can approach a company that specializes in white label UberEats Clone app development. They will take care to understand your specific requirements for the restaurant and customize it according to what your business would need.

The UberEats like App Is Ready to Take over Your Food Delivery Business



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