The soviet sleep experiment:-

The man is a machine, but every machine needs proper rest to carry out its daily tasks. All of us know very well that sleep is a fundamental need of a body; without proper sleep, the body falls sick and tired. But can you imagine that if someone is intended to go for a month without sleep, then what will happen to him? A month without sleep means a wide awake for the whole month, no sleeping even for two or three hours.

It is not possible anyhow to remain awake for thirty days continuously. Even patients of insomnia also fall asleep at a specific point. However, it is an exciting fact to imagine what would happen if someone goes for such an experiment? Obviously, it can never happen in real life, but several people carried out such experiments to examine long term sleep deprivation effects on the body and brain. There are many stories on the internet regarding these experiments, but the most famous one is the Soviet Sleep Experiment.

What is the Soviet Sleep Experiment?

In 1940, a group of experimental researchers in the Soviet set their goal to carry out an experiment to check the effects of thirty days of sleep deprivation on the body and brain. The entire experiment was carried out under the supervision of military forces. They took five politically imprisoned persons and locked up them in a gas chamber for 15 days.

The gas chamber was airtight and sealed totally, while the subjects were administered an awaking stimulant continuously. The subjects were told that if they could remain awake for thirty days, they would set them free from imprisonment.

The soviet sleep experiment

Results for this experiment:-

After the first few days, every subject was seemed normal, and they continued to talk with each other normally. The researchers kept monitoring their behavior throughout the experiment by setting two-way mirrors.

All the conversations were monitored electronically to note the differences and effects of after and before the experiment. At the start of the fifth day, the researchers found changes in the behavior of all subjects. All the subjects showed symptoms of stress and paranoia on the fifth day. All of them were totally quiet and whispered slowly sometimes.

After that, on a ninth day, significant changes were noted there. Two subjects started to run around in the chamber and scream so loudly that their vocal cords could face breakage. The researchers were supervising the whole experiment. Suddenly the screaming stopped completely. Then the researchers have feared the terrific results, and they decided to free the subjects from the sealed gas chamber.

They announced that they would open the gas chamber, but the subjects said that they want to complete this experiment and want lifetime liberation from this imprisonment. No one knew that there would be terrible results than their imagination. Thus researchers announced to continue their experiment.

Deaths on the fifteenth day:-

The gas chamber was opened on fifteenth, and it was seen that two subjects were found dead in the chamber. While remaining were in terrible conditions. Their bodies were mutilated, torn off from many sites, all of this was presenting a horrific scene.

The abdomens of every subject were ripped open. This insane experiment frightened every researcher. The results were so horrible that all of the researchers were in a deep shock. The subjects tried to eat their own flesh in that period of sleep deprivation.

Release of Subjects from the chamber:-

After seeing this horrible situation, the researchers decided to release all the subjects from the chamber. A force was assigned to complete this task, but subjects refused to leave this gas chamber and demanded to remain there for 30 days to complete this insane experiment.

The whole sleep deprivation period affected their brains, and they were totally lost. Even when the force tried to escape them forcefully from the chamber, the alive subjects fought with the force with untold and unseen aggression.

All of them were seeming superhuman at that time, and even they were severely injured in that fight, some of them broke their own bones and tore off muscles in a fight. The force asked them why they had done this oppression to their bodies. They said that they had to do this to remain awake.

Changes in behavior and bodies:-

Once the subjects were removed from the gas chamber, they continued to show over-powered aggression, extraordinary resistance against drugs and sedatives, unbelievable ability to remain alive after fatal injuries to their bodies. All of them were addicted to inhale stimulant gas and stay awake.

They demanded gas from the researchers. After that, the researchers noted the most shocking effect of this sleep deprivation experiment, and every subject was eventually found dead when he fell asleep after these incidents. Moreover, when the alive subjects were given first aid for their injuries, they were checked with EEG monitors, and it discovered that their brains were dead at that time.

In the end, the researchers shot all the subjects and covered up all the traces to vanish this insane experiment from seniors’ sights. All of them were fully frightened by much horrible results and effects of sleep deprivation.

The authenticity of this experiment:-

The Soviet Sleep Experiment appeared on Wikipedia in 2010 as a horror story, copy-pasted from other internet sources. When it was upload on the internet, it went viral instantly. However, the experiment was not actually taken place in real. The original author of this horror story is still unknown, but his username on the internet was Orange Soda.

The Wikipedia also contains images for this Soviet Sleep Experiment, but all the images are edited and obtained from random browser generated images. The author intended to scare the audience by posting such a Creepy-pasta on Wiki, it became so popular among people that people thought this as a real story.

Secret Experiments conducted by Soviet:-

Although the Soviet Sleep Experiment was only a made-up story, the Soviet Union conducted many secret scientific experiments under military forces’ supervision in the 19th century. All such experiments were handled by the Intelligence Branch of the Soviet Military, who was famous in conducting secret brutal and inhuman experiment reported cheap essay help in their research essay.


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