Podcast App

We often hear that when you hear something it carves a special presence in your mind and cognitive function. Thus, podcast applications have surely emerged as a sensation since they can be heard everywhere.

The way humdrum of lives are heard everywhere around us, similarly podcasts applications are made to enable us to hear our favorite sounds everywhere around the world.

Therefore, in the previous scenario where you had to choose between cooking and missing one episode of your favorite TV saga, presently you can choose both harmoniously.

Podcasts are regarded as the new radio station however its application is much more diverse than what radio does. Podcasts provide a truly immersive experience where you can listen to stories, poems, novellas, shows, news, and what not!

This article will tell you about those podcast applications that you absolutely need in 2021. Read on to get the best out of your podcast selection.

Podcast App

  1. Spotify:

The first on the list is not a dedicated podcast app since not everyone needs one. Very often, people confuse between podcast applications and music player applications. However, both are not the same. However, Spotify is the first of its kind, seeking to bridge the gap between both and devised a mixture of the best of music and a dedicated section for meaningful podcasts. Thus if you are looking for or already use Spotify for your music needs then you can listen to the podcasts that the app has.

It might lack extensive features like other Podcast apps but that can be managed since it enables users to switch between their favorite podcasts and music whenever they want, wherever they want. Spotify is a one-stop location for all your tune needs that too, curated inside one single application. Why waste more space when you can do more with one single application?

Spotify has dedicated a significant amount of interest to host podcasts in the past few years. It is trying to incorporate more podcasts of various kinds now more than ever. Besides, some podcasts are available exclusively on this platform so you can browse and choose the one you like.

  1. Google Podcast

Google and its product range have always inspired others to go out of their ways and achieve their dream. However, the scenario regarding podcasts is completely different. Google took a long time to finally launch its podcast application but well better late than never. The application, its interface, and the podcasts will definitely make you feel that the wait was worth it.

The podcast application by google doesn’t cost a fortune, rather you can use it for free. For those who are within Google’s ecosystem, the podcast is much more convenient. The utilization of artificial intelligence is designed to understand the voice command with its Assistant-powered speaker. Just like a google search, finding new podcasts are extremely easy and user-friendly.

Google podcast app assuredly deserves a mention since it mesmerized us with its sleek appearance, simple and user-friendly usage, accessible user interface along a list of great podcasts that one can discover on the go.

Sharing podcasts is also gaining popularity since you can listen to those with your friends or partner. Stories are meant to be shared. And one keyboard application is changing the way it.

We are going to conclude by mentioning one keyboard application where you can share stories, jokes, poems, and shayaris too in your regional language.

This Bengali keyboard App from Bharat is a range of regional keyboards specially curated to aid local language users to communicate swiftly using their dialect.

Bangla Keyboard Online is commonly recognized as the most real Bangla language software available. To show your emotions and thoughts, the software adapts to your personal style. It offers a quick and candid typing experience, whether you’re transliterating English to Bangla or translating your text to Bangla using the Banglish keyboard. There are a number of emojis on the built-in emoji keyboard. It also recognizes and forecasts your favorite emoji and tweets, helping you to still send the necessary responses to your buddies.

It also helps us to submit Bangla text in a range of trendy and entertaining fonts, making the conversation more pleasant and exciting. You can choose from its wide variety of stories, poems, and quotes collection and share the wisdom. Get started with Bangla typing today!


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