The most preferred app by parents FamiSafe kid tracker app

FamiSafe kid tracker app

FamiSafe parental control app has made its name all above the competitors. This is the most reliable parental control app and has All the features for Controlling the location of your child by getting the real-time location and location history timeline of their child. Credible a complete location tracker tool that helps the parents and safely managing the way their child visits the world. If you are looking for an app to make them perfect in the outside surroundings then you can easily install a location tracker app on your device and have access to all the locations visited by your child.


Steps for signing up in the location tracker app for the first time

Step 1 download the FamiSafe parental control app From Google play store, Apple Store, or Amazon store. This app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, and even personal computers.

Step 2     install the application in the device of the parent and in the device of the kid too. Set the identity of the parent as father or mother and said the identity of your kid as a kid and mention the nickname and age of your child. 

Step 3 gives all the permissions wanted to access All the features of the application. So that the location tracker app can run easily and with fluency.

Step 4 permit the app to run as an administrator on the device of your child since he or she can uninstall the app in the absence of the parents and can make the app does not work but this permission granted by the parents help the app is not getting uninstalled by the child.


Features provided by the FamiSafe parental control and location tracker app   


  1. The best feature provided by the app is geofencing. This feature enables the parents in creating a virtual boundary in front of the geographical Maps containing latitudes and altitudes of their child. When your child enters or exits A geofence area then the parents get an instant notification. 
  2. The parents can easily get the live location of their child hey with the help of this app and can protect their child from insecure outside surroundings. There is now no left fear for the parents for anxiousness.
  3. Showing history location timeline helps the parents in getting all the knowledge of the places visited by their child quickly and the history remains for many weeks with the device and the parents could have them anytime and anywhere.

life of the child is also shown by the location tracker app when the screen of real-time location sharing opens. This may help the parent in letting their child remember about the charging of the device.


Awards won by FamiSafe parental control app 



Moms choice award has given the location tracker app award as honoring excellence. The location tracker app has also been the winner of the 2020 national parenting products award and has worn all the delight of becoming the winner. The seal of approval is also given by the national parenting center to the application of parental control. 


Pricing plans of FamiSafe parental control app 

The free 3-day trial makes the app a unique application of parental control. This free day trial does not allow any parents to have limits in using all the features of the application of location control. This helps the parents and getting knowledge of all the features of the application that they are going to subscribe for.

The annual plan offered by the location tracker app costs the parents about $59.99 per year that is equivalent to paying $4.99 per month. This gives the user connectivity of up to 30 devices and having an eye on all of these devices. You can easily protect up to 30 devices by choosing this plan. 

The quarterly plan offered by the application costs about $19.99 per quarter. the quarterly payment is just equal to paying $6.66 per month and gives the user connectivity of up to 10 devices with the other devices and having a quick check on the locations of them.

There is also a provision of Bing the subscription plan monthly. The monthly plan costs about $9.99 per month. This price money Offers the user to connect and protect up to 5 devices with the main device.








This app has several tools that are designed to help and locate the location tracking services of your child and provides real-time location of kid and getting the location history timeline of them to know the places visited by them all day long. There is also a feature of geofencing, which helps the parents creating a virtual boundary of their child. Parents can easily increase the safety of their children by installing the location tracker app. The parents also receive


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