The most beautiful places you must visit In Dumaguete

The most beautiful places you must visit In Dumaguete

Do you know that Dumaguete has secured 5th position in the Forbes Magazine’s list of “7 best places to retire around the world”? The name of the place ‘Dumaguete’ meaning ‘to swoop’ also alludes to its capacity to retain visitors with its low cost of living, educational opportunities at world-famous universities, an unhurried lifestyle, and a peaceful environment.  The hospitality of the inhabitants is heart-touching that the city is fondly remembered as “The City of Gentle People.”

Negros Oriental, in general, is all about nature and people; and the capital of this province in the Philippines is Dumaguete. The small coastal city of Dumaguete is popular for beach resorts, waterfalls, and diving points and the kind-hearted city welcomes an increasing number of tourists every year.  So, let’s explore the places to visit in Dumaguete and accept its hospitality. Simultaneously, check for attractive deals flights to Dumaguete on at iEagle.com!

1. Rizal Boulevard:

Named after the Philippines’ national hero ‘Jose Rizal’, Rizal Boulevard is a popular historical site in the city and one of the beautiful places you must visit in Dumaguete. Walk along the seaside on the boulevard which is lined with old-fashioned lamp posts and trees on the other side. You can relax on a bench on sidewalk gardens watching the sunrise/ sunset and enjoy the cool breeze listening to the rush of the waves. Do not forget to order your plate of traditional tempura dish from the food stalls abundantly found along the way! The night walk is even more attractive with the flashes of lamp posts gleaming on the sea.

2. Bulwang Caves of Mabinay:

The municipality of Mabinay is called a “cave town” due to the estimated presence of over 400 caves.  A top priority of every spelunker, it is a place you must visit in Dumaguete. Not more than 50 are explored until this date and the three Bulwang caves – Panligawan Cave, Pandalihan Cave, and Crystal Cave are flexible to explore for amateurs. The word ‘Bulwang’ meaning ‘big hole’ suggests the wide opening of the caves.  Panligawan Cave and the dark Pandalihan Cave are shallow and you can enter them effortlessly. Crystal Cave is intriguing with the crystal and milky-white stalactite and stalagmite formations. It is always advisable to take the help of a guide while caving.

3. Pulangbato Falls:

The native words ‘Pula’ meaning ‘Red’ and ‘bato’ meaning ‘rock’ are combined to lend a name to the seemingly red waterfalls in the Ocoy Valley of the town of Valencia. The water cascades from a rusty red waterfall basin down the rock formations that look red due to sulfur deposits. This unique quality of Pulangbato waterfalls attracts tourists and hence is one of those places you must visit in Dumaguete. You can swim in the refreshingly cool waters of the river and feel the pleasantly cool weather amid mountains and hills covered with wild plants, trees, and vegetation. You can also stay in the cute cottages overlooking the waterfalls and the green surroundings!

4. Catherine of Alexandria Church and Belfry Tower:

Catherine of Alexandria Church and Belfry Tower, two historical landmarks of the city, are the important historical places you must visit in Dumaguete. Catherine of Alexandria Church or Dumaguete Cathedral Church is the oldest stone church on the Island of Negros. The statues of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each on the four stone pillars mark the entrance to the church. Mass hours on Sunday record the presence of several catholic travelers.

Standing right beside the Dumaguete Cathedral Church is the 200-year old Belfry Tower or the Kampanarya that played a key role in alerting and defending the city from pirate attacks. Now, tourists often gather here during evenings to light candles in front of the grotto of Lady of Lourdes at the base of the tower and offer prayers to loved ones. One can also climb up the stairs to watch the sunset over the city.

5. Dolphin watching in Tanon Strait and Manjuyod Sand bar:

Watch the tactics of dolphins to catch their prey in life! Get into a boat to Tanon Strait in the morning hours to watch the playful activities of these social mammals and their clever strategies to catch the fish. It is best to visit from March to October when a pod of dolphins can be spotted. Head to White Sand bar, one of the best beach destinations on the island.

Described as ‘the Maldives of the Philippines’, it is an exotic place you must visit in Dumaguete. You will be astonished to see the stretch of the white sand bar in the crystal clear waters of Bais Bay. Walk on the water and the sand at the same time! The island surface can be seen only during low tide and the rest of the time it is a stretch of visible white sand below sky-blue waters. You can swim in shallow waters, snorkel, or spot starfish.  You can also rent stilt wooden houses and cottages to stay a little longer in this paradise if time permits!


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