Diamonds are a girl’s best friends but we would like to generalize it for the jewelry. In simpler words, jewelry is the girl’s best friend. With every new year, the talk about the latest jewelry trends starts spinning around, and we ladies, always get a little more obsessed. So, if you are looking at the kraft jewelry boxes and wondering what’s the jewelry trend is going to be, we have made a round-up of the latest jewelry trends that every girl should try this year! 

Statement Jewelry 

Sure, it’s not the first time that statement jewelry has made it to the stop, because well, who can ever get over the statement jewelry? Ranging from huge hoops to chunky chains, this jewelry trend is on the roll. However, with the year 2021, the chains and will become bigger and this chunkiness will add oomph to your outfits. If you watch the latest fashion shows, you will see the models acing the huge metal jewelry pieces (should we say, the bigger the merrier?). 


Long gone the times when pearls would have made you looked like a snob because these precious pearls will adorn your entire outlook. We have already seen the mismatched pearls make a show on the runway but don’t forget to layer the pearls in different colors. You might think that only grandma can slay the pearls but you will equally great since it’s in fashion (no one will judge you, babe!). This is because the pearls are being aced by the pop icons. 

The pearl fashion will be on a roll because they are incredibly sensual. These pearls must be worn around the neck and will not only look sexy but chic as well. If you want to flaunt your inner Chanel girl, layer the pearls and it will make the outfit catchy within a second. In addition, pearls are becoming an essential part of contemporary as well as modern jewelry. All in all, these pearl jewelry pieces will last and will scream sleekness. 

Chain It Up 

It doesn’t matter if you are Z-generation or a millennial, we are pretty sure that you love chains because these chains will look beautiful yet minimal and simplistic. It’s safe to say that chains can be styled into bold pieces or when you want something subtle. When it comes down to chains, there are handmade chains as well as the chains incorporated with stones. If you are premium, they can even be integrated with diamonds. 

It’s safe to say that chains are versatile yet perfect. While looking for the chain, don’t just look for the plain one because the link chain is always chicer. It would be better if you buy the matching bracelet because they complement each other pretty well. Believe it or not, this link chain trend is here to stay. 

Pendants & Talisman Jewelry 

We have already mentioned that chains are in trend but if you have a simple chain, you can spruce it up with the adornments, such as pendants. Believe it or not, these simple pendants can draw immense attention because people will always notice these pendants. In addition, people use pendants in form of charms for the bracelets. In the same way, if you want to connect with the jewelry and resonate healing or fortune, going for Talisman jewelry will be a great option. 


It doesn’t matter if you want to look classy or sexy, hoops will look amazing. We won’t mind saying that hoops will go perfectly with jeans as well as sweats. It’s safe to say that hoops are classic jewelry pieces and they are going to be in high demand in 2021. The best thing about hoops is that they look equally great for everyone, irrespective of outfit or face shape. Also, when it comes down to hoops, there are intricate ones with a slim design but the bold ones are there with chunky designs. 

Even more, if you are a fan of zircons and diamonds, hoops can always be lined with them. All in all, hoops are the safest bet when you want to add oomph to your outfit (the sexy earrings!). 

Silver Hues

Over the course of the past few years, gold jewelry has been getting preferred but the year 2021 will see the popularity of silver jewelry. In simpler words, silver jewelry is coming back with a bang. It’s been years since yellow and gold jewelry has been in fashion. Even more, the brands famous for silver jewelry are going to make the comeback with intricate designs. 

On top of everything, silver jewelry is always more affordable and looks pretty appealing. The best part? Silver jewelry is being offered by big jewelry names, such as Roberto Coin and Tiffany. All in all, the silver jewelry will be available in the finest or refined form this year. It’s clear that people with impeccable taste are going to love silver!  



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