Ecommerce SEO for 2021

Ecommerce SEO for 2021

SEO is a complicated, long-term process. Still, it is the most effective way of increasing your eCommerce sales. Moreover, it enables your website to rank high in the search result. Your potential customers search for products using the search engines. Thus, without SEO, you cannot get a chance to serve your customers and sell the desired products. The best eCommerce SEO campaign lets you attain your goal. A reliable eCommerce SEO strategy incorporates-

  • Quality content
  • Backlinking
  • Best ethical techniques
  • Growth hacking solutions
  • Innovative tools

However, SEO becomes easy when you apply the right tactics for your eCommerce store. You may also check Brainvire and look for the best SEO professionals.

Adjusting the eCommerce website structure

Google’s major focus is on the navigation and overall structure of your eCommerce site. Thus, you need to create a highly navigable e-store to achieve a higher rank. A few years ago, web developers used to create a new HTML hierarchy and design a sitemap to make the eCommerce store crawlable. However, nowadays, Shopify and other eCommerce builders create your sitemap files easily. Still, you have to ensure that everything is in a proper order. Design a user-friendly interface, which is easily navigable, and it lets you fit your pages together.

The most important things for you are-

  • The menu titles describing the content
  • Highly organized menu items
  • A link in every page that directs your visitors to the store’s navigation
  • Not more than 2 to 3 clicks to reach the product page from the home page

While category pages and product pages are vital, you have to focus on Contact Us and About Us pages. These pages give information about your store. Both Google and its users may like to use these pages.

Still, you are not sure of the SEO-friendliness of your website structure. Thus, you need to click on your webpage and check it out.

Start researching keywords for your eCommerce

You cannot overlook this step for your eCommerce SEO campaign. While Google analyzes your webpages, it interprets your page content. Keywords are the search terms and your website will rank for those terms. You may also use variations of keywords for the content. The deliberately chosen eCommerce keywords must be less competitive and have high search volume. Do not use keywords, which are never used by your potential buyers. There are some steps to make your keyword search easier.

  • Create a list of target keywords and apply them to every page.
  • Choose keywords separately for every product.
  • Use keyword tools to find long-tail keywords.

On-page SEO guide for product pages-

You may like to achieve a higher rank for each of the product pages. The most significant on-page SEO elements are-

  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • Product URL
  • Image Alt tags
  • Schema data
  • Reviews and relevant questions

The best eCommerce builders let you add meta descriptions and titles, which appear on the SERP pages. You need to write them properly to increase CTR. Another important thing is the product URL, which must contain keywords to attract the attention of Google. Some large and complicated eCommerce sites have subcategories as one of the elements of their URLs. Thus, it takes much time to organize your URL.

Image Alt tags are one of the key SEO elements, and you have to add keywords as your image names. Alt tags refer to short image descriptions and enable the search engine to identify your image.

Link building for off-page eCommerce SEO

Backlinks are one of the ranking factors for your website, and thus, it is important to start a link building campaign or your e-store. Backlinks signal Google about the strong authority of your site. For instance, you can link a word to a relevant and reliable journal’s site.

Other off-page eCommerce strategies to build authority and gain trust-

  • Press releases– PR writing is one of the best ways to obtain links. When you have added a new product to your eCommerce store and made a new partnership, you can announce it with PR. and other PR moments are excellent ways to get links.
  • Guest posting– It is another option to increase your business outreach and build links. Develop a strong relationship with bloggers, editors, and influencers for guest posting. However, it is important to write Google-worthy content for your chosen guest posting site.
  • Build affiliation with social media influencers– Look for influencers who deal with articles relevant to your industry. You may send an email to influencers to team up with them and get mutual benefits.

Ecommerce SEO for 2021

It is a comprehensive eCommerce SEO guide with detailed information on keyword research, link building, and technical SEO. However, you must also start local SEO to get customers from your target locality. You will find an increase in sales in your physical store. Never worry when it is a brand new site. Amazon also started its business with zero domain authority.

Ecommerce SEO for 2021



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