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The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters

The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters

The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters
Winters are coming, and most of us are worried about our skin and health. I have seen people doing extra care, but still, they fail badly when it comes to sot their skin. They call it genetic and I call it, overdoing.

What does our skin need for stayingWhat does our skin need for staying hydrated in winters?

Our skin is constantly shedding off, thus the main factor which is playing a significant part in making it healthy is the food we take in, sorry ladies if you have been promoting your cold cream in winters because there are many other factors which play a substantial role for making your skin healthy in winters. The food you are providing to your body gradually breaks in small components, you may know molecules, and ultimately they get absorbed in various cells and tissues.


If you still cannot get it, grow a plant, and take care of it until you get the fruit. You will observe that when you will follow a particular routine of watering the plant its growth will be optimized.
Same goes for your skin, if you will apply extra moisturizers or creams just to get the skin of your desire, then stays ready for aging skin.
We are delicate beings and excess of everything is bad, but water is the only thing that can be taken without any limit.
Skin hydration is synonymous with water. We, humans, are made up of 80 percent water and that is what we humans are skipping. How can you grow your skin cells which are supposed to be moisturized at the last number without consuming enough water?
In this article”The best ways for keeping your body hydrated in winters” I have taken an enormously serious issue about skin. ladies will not skip reading it.

Do men need hydrated skin?

Did it sound weird? Yeah, it is a strange question because we men, do not think about hydrated or flawless skin.
But, have you ever seen men having dry allergy issues? Eczema is a sort of skin allergy which is characterized by dry skin.
Men are more likely to suffer because generally the males are not concerned with their skin’s conditions. That is why they have to take care of their skin, skin cancer is another reason which will compel men to keep their skin hydrated.
In this article, “The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters”. Hydrated skin is a sign of healthy skin, and people who tend to include gender in it are without any doubt the most stupid lads. So discussion closed, you have to take care of your skin even if you are a man.

What to do for getting hydrated skin?

Okay, so here is the best part. You can do a lot of things which can save your skin from flaking. I have seen many women and men with darker complexions during winters.
If you are one of them, then the first thing you need to do is stop panicking, accept yourself, and read more.
“ accepting your dehydrated skin is the first step”
Now here comes another confusion, how will you know that your skin is dehydrated? This question sounds quite easy to answer but trust me, readers, it is not that obvious.
·         Flaky skin is dehydrated
The most obvious sign of dehydrated skin flakes on your skin, sometimes you will see small white particles.
So, whenever you see flakes or some white particles coming off your skin, then change your diet and routine as soon as possible.
·         Dull skin
Dull skin is another sign of dehydrated skin when your skin cells are not getting enough moisturization then ultimately the growth is inhibited for preserving moisture.
Secondly, melanin production is increased, our skin has got melanin-producing cells which are designated to produce a pigment which will darken our skin in case of a severe condition. Although it is a sign of preventive measures by our skin,  the influencing factor is our dehydrated skin.
·         Itchiness is alarming
Whenever you feel that your skin getting itchy it means that it has given up on you. now its time to see a dermatologist or to use some exterior solutions such as high potential moisturizers.
In this article”The best ways for keeping your body hydrated in winters” we discuss skin and everything.

What to do then to keep your body hydrated?

    Plenty of water will rescue you from dehydrated skin. Drinking water is inevitable because almost each of us is having two glasses of water every day. By plenty of water, I mean having it 20 times a day.

You can set alarms for reminding you to drink water. In winters especially, your body will not tell you because your body sensors are already sensing a low-temperature range.
You must not skip this essential step otherwise your hydration process will not boost up. If you think that you can exchange your water drinking routine with smoothies and juices then go for them, they are more effective than freshwater.

2.      Eat dry fruits and fish

You will be amazed to know that eating hot food such as fish and dry fruits will increase your thirst for water. Have you ever felt thirsty just after eating a platter of fried fish?
This is because of the chemical constituents of fish and other winter season fruits which can cause an increase in thirst, ultimately it will increase your water intake.

3.      Keep your environment moisturized in winters

If you want hydrated skin in winters then you must not ignore the humidity level of your room. Having thermostats at your place is a very nice option if you are extremely health-conscious if you have not got nay thermostat, then excessive use of heaters must be avoided.

Overheated air will increase the rate of water and moisture evaporation from your skin, as claimed by many researchers especially by Dr. Angela Lamb, your skin is liable of getting severely dry if you are used to exposing it to heaters and hot waters.

4.      Be gentle with your skin for keeping it hydrated

In this article, “The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters”. You ought to get some gentle cleansers, such as Dove foaming face wash or Cetaphil. These two are recommended by Dr. Lamb, your face’s skin is thinner than your body’s, thus you need to choose different moisturizers and cleaners for your face.  
Similarly, other products that are rich in moisturizing contents such as glycerin and HA are useful in winters especially.

5.      Take a cold bath even in winters

This is something shocking, winters are categorized with hot showers. They may be but your skin still loves cold water. Hot water is likely to make your skin dry.

you do not have to worry about the chill you would feel after a cold bath because our body is very adaptive and whenever cold water will touch our skin, the body will ultimately insulate it and the heat production will be increased.

   6. drink milk in winters

In this article, “The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters”.milk is the ultimate nourishment in winters. according to researchers of Sanford, milk is rich in vitamin D. This makes sure that your body is rich in collagen.
Collagen is a very essential part of our skin, bones, and nails. skin elasticity depends on the amount of collagen in it.

  7. get the sunblocks

Before you get out to enjoy the sun, make sure that you are wearing a sunblock of Sun blocking factor of around 40.
Make sure that the sunblock you are buying is essentially a dry skin sunblock. Dry skin sunblocks are rich in moisturizing components such as glycerine.

 8. expose your skin to the sun in winters

In this article, “The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters”. Daylight is the best source of vitamin D for your skin and bones. Thus, make sure that during the early hours of the especially before 11 o clock you are exposing your skin to the bright sun.
it will stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is essential for the absorption of calcium in bones and skin.

 9. eat citrus fruits for hydrated skin in winter

In this article, “The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters”. citrus fruits include grapefruit, oranges, and lemons. They are a rich source of vitamin c, which is quite important for keeping your skin fresh. it will not be dull and unattractive.
Citrus juices are synonymous with energy boosters and beauty pills in winters.



In this article”The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters”
Winters come with severe weather conditions and our skin is the most affected organ. We have to take extra care of ourselves in order to keep our body hydrated.

If in case you feel that even after following these tips your skin is itchy and dry, then consult a dermatologist before trying any other remedy.

The Best Ways for Keeping your Body Hydrated in Winters


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