The rising population of India is mimicking the rising demand of the internet. Over the course of lockdown – that’s still active in some places – it was the ISP license holders that helped us keep our jobs.

It’s the Internet Service Providers whose internet connections helped send our assignments to our offices, home-works to our schools, projects to our colleges and much more. Such contribution naturally deserves some gratitude. So, this article is for those who want to become an Internet Service Provider. Here is the best solution to get ISP License in India.

Understand what is an ISP License

In general terms, an ISP License is the authorization to setup an ISP center and provide internet services. But it’s also a promise; a promise to deliver high quality services at affordable rates to the subscribers. The Department of Telecommunication only hands out the ISP License in India to those who:

  1. Have incorporated their business as a company.
  2. Have the technological know-how to provide ISP services.
  3. Have the financial backbone to setup a good ISP business.

So, regarding the understanding of ISP license, the best solution we can give you is this:

Only apply for the license is you have the technological knowledge and the financial stability to maintain an ISP.

The categories of ISP License

Depending on your end goal for your business or your ability to network with other internet services providers, you can sign the ISP License agreement among the following types of ISPs:

  1. Category A ISP license: ISP License India for category A is given to those who want to provide internet services across India. Their service network spans across the nation. However, the ISP License cost for category A is also the highest.
  2. Category B ISP License: If you want to restrict your internet service network within a small area that has everything from industries to urban households, you go for category B ISP License. It has a lower ISP License const in India as compared to A category. With this license, you can provide internet access in one state or one metropolitan city of India.
  3. Category C ISP License: For those who want to limit their internet services within one small village, or town or even a colony, Category C ISP License is available for the taking. Costing the lowest ISP License fee, this license is a favourite of many service providers in remote regions of India.

The best solutions choosing the license type based on the categories you need is:

  1. Choose category A if you are confident in your services and want expansion straightaway.
  2. Choose category B if you want to provide internet services to a small, but the most lucrative market.
  3. Choose category C if you want to provide internet services to a remote region.

Getting the ISP License in India

How to get ISP License in India? It’s a topic I have written about in almost every blog about ISP. Getting this license is like a story:

  1. You first give a legal light to your ISP idea into a company.
  2. You then breathe life into it by choosing the category of the license.
  3. You then arm yourself with the application and apply for ISP license online registration.
  4. You then wait for DOT to notice your application. You get notification as DOT finally picks up your application and start running assessment.
  5. As the DOT approves your application, you stand ready to receive the letter of intent.
  6. You read through the letter of intent and as per the dates mentioned in it, deposit the performance and financial bank guarantees.
  7. After every legal and financial matter has been dealt, you get rewarded for paying the ISP license price. You get your ISP registered in India.

To make the story success, the best solution we can give you is this

  1. Let the ISP license consultant handle the complete application filing process.
  2. Let him decide when you should pay the ISP license fees.
  3. Let him decide how to serve the bank guarantees.

To take your ISP idea and turn it into a registered internet service providing centre, the only solution is to take assistance when it comes your way. Getting the IP1 license is indeed a story, and you are indeed a hero.

However, much like any role playing game, it’s better to have a support on hand so that you can finally complete the quest.


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