About The View All

1- TheViewAll

TheViewAll is a Pakistan's Social Media Network which is represented by EZN Solution's that paying its responsibility to enhance the value of Social World. TheViewAll social media has changed the already adopted patterns from other Social Media. Social media is an advance condition of Technology which has summarized the whole world as a global village and TheViewAll is a unique combination of Technology and Social life.

2- TheViewAll as a Social Media and Business Network

TheViewAll merged the Social Media and Web Networks on a single portal which allows the users to share their ideas in the text and visual content. Users can also search and find the different aspects of information related to their needs as like Study, Professions and Jobs etc. TheViewAll Social Media Network gives the Business plan and platform for their users and community persons who want to start their own business or advertise their product globally with limited resources.

Based upon truly Islamic Principles of equitable distribution of wealth among all, TheViewAll shares its revenue and profits by reverting back 80% to its users.

TheViewAll is the continuation of vision far beyond imagination and borders, it is a convenient social portal like Facebook had 1.44 billion active users.

TheViewAll is reward oriented and provide benefits to its users as they use it and will be in a better position after every action/activity they perform on the portal. TheViewAll enriches its users with money rewards for making their time more valuable to the social network.