Do you aspire to study an eligible course from Australia with Student Visa Subclass 500 effectively? That’s great and congratulations if you have taken this decision! Are you equally enthusiastic about working in the country while studying your dream academic course. Then, you must become aware of the working rights encompassing the student visa 500.

Hours you can work with the Student Visa 500!

With the student visa Subclass 500, you are entitled to certain work rights! According to these work related privileges, you can work in Australia as long as forty hours every fortnight. It implies that you will be able to work in the country for twenty hours every week. Certain conditions apply for you to become entitled to the said work rights. These include the following:

    • You must have commenced your course so as to become entitled to your pertinent work rights
    • You must be the holder of a valid student visa
    • Make sure that you turn up in Australia at least ninety days before the commencement of your course.
    • You must abide by the working rules and regulations strictly so as to enjoy your pertinent work rights

Remember, your student visa 500 work rights are also inclusive of any unpaid or volunteer work.

ACT School Students!

Are you an international student who is studying at an ACT public school on the student visa 500 in Australia? If your reply is yes, then, you will be able to work maximum ten hours and not more than that.

Work rights for international students in details!

As already told that you can work in Australia on your student visa 500 for twenty hours per week. You are entitled to these work rights when your school, college or university is in operation. However, during semester breaks you can work in Australia for unlimited number of hours. Some additional crucial pieces of information regarding these work rights can be considered below.

    • Your course should have started in Australia and you can work only after that
    • A working week in Australia is considered a Monday which continues up to the following Sunday.
    • You cannot undertake any sort of work which aids you in the process of your training or studies.
    • If you wish, you can undertake an unpaid or volunteer work in Australia as well while being on your student visa. However, you need to remember that you won’t get paid against this kind of work.
    • You must not exceed the duration for which you can work in Australia on your student visa 500.

Remember, if you really want to work in Australia with your student visa, then, you need to apply for it separately. However, if you have applied for your student visa after 26th April 2008, you need not make this application at all.

Work permits for eligible family members!

Family members of the holder of the student visa 500 are entitled to the same work rights. Eligible family members include your kids and spouse. According to these work-related student visa subclass 500 conditions they can work in Australia for twenty hours a week. Even if semester breaks are going on, family members won’t be able to work for more than twenty hours a week.

Graduate Students’ Family Members!

Are you an international student who is studying in Australia to attain a graduation level degree? Say, for instance, your chief objective is to obtain a master’s degree in that of Australia. In that case, your eligible family members will be able to work for an unlimited number of hours.

Notable rules and regulations!

If you are the applicant of the visa subclass 500, then you must become aware of some of its prominent rules and regulations. These include the following:

    • As the main applicant, you must be the holder of a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
    • You must satisfy the minimum attendance requirement while studying your course of study
    • You must meet the course progress requirements as well pertaining to each period as stated by your school or college
    • You need to fulfill all the crucial requirements of the course of study which you are pursuing from Australia.
    • Make sure you are enrolled in a persistent course of study. Again, the course you have applied for should have been approved by the government of Australia.

Remember, that currently the application fees of the student visa 500 is AU$535.

Eligibility criteria of the Student Visa 500!

There is an array of eligibility requirements which every applicant of the student visa 500 must meet unfailingly. These include the following:

    • You should have adequate money to support your entire stay in Australia
    • As the primary applicant, make sure that you comply with all the character and health requirements
    • You must make adequate welfare arrangements before applying in case you are below the age of eighteen years
    • Both you and your family members should be the holder of a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Make sure that you obtain this from an authorized Australian health insurance provider. You and your family members must be the holder of this health cover until the time you stay in Australia
    • You need to provide a valid Confirmation of Enrolment against a CRICOS registered course which you’re enrolled in
    • You must at least be six years old or more

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