The number of businesses women own has increased by 114 percent in the last twenty years. Women are now the proud owners of at least 36 percent of small businesses. These figures make it pretty clear that the independent and savvy businesswoman of today is ready and raring to go. They need the right Start-Up Ideas to set out and achieve financial success.

The right business idea needs to have two primary qualities: it should be a concept that excites you and has to be commercially viable. If the start-up idea does not meet even one of these two criteria, it isn’t the correct path for you. Keeping all that in mind, here’s presenting five low-cost start-up ideas that you can implement.


1. Content Creator

In this era of digital marketing and SEO, content is the king. Every day, over 547,200 websites are created worldwide, so the demand for fresh and engaging content will always be high in this highly competitive online world. 

If you know about digital marketing and everything it entails, why not start a content marketing agency? You can write blogs, webpages, and other exciting content based on the latest market trends. Start small by freelancing for other companies before you have your team and company. 

You can even look for a cost effective virtual office London after establishing your company. Remember that the key to succeeding in this field is to write quality content, price it right, and stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends.


2. Bakery Business

The demand for cakes and baked goodies will never go out. If you have always had the knack to whip up delicious treats like cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and more, bank on this demand and start your bakery business. The most crucial part is you can start as small as you want to because it needs very little initial investment. You can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to spread the word and even ask your families and friends for word-of-mouth publicity.

Upgrading your baking skills and getting new ideas is easy, too, because you have plenty of videos on YouTube for that reason. Do a bit of market research and keep the goodies’ price a bit on the lower end initially.


3. eBay Entrepreneur

You can sell anything on eBay when you have the right marketing tools. As a giant among the online auction services, eBay is a lucrative, inexpensive tool for a wide-range of things, from real estate to broken tools. Here’s a tip that you can use for becoming an eBay entrepreneur. You can look for retail stores that have discontinued product lines or gone out of business. Purchase as many goods as you can from there at discounted rates and sell those on eBay.

Start-Up Ideas

You only need to devote twenty to thirty hours a week on eBay sales to make enough money a month. Through such a situation, you can earn as much as you would have by working full-time at a job that pays minimum wages.


4. Graphic Designer

Beautifully made graphics is one of the foremost requirements of every website. So, demand is high for skilled graphic designers. Do you have the mandatory skills and know-how for platforms like Sketch, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, you might start looking for remote gigs to earn. But consider upgrading your designing skills by taking some courses or small jobs for local businesses that will get you first testimonials and reviews. 

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There are a few sites that offer job opportunities for graphic designers. You can start working and earning from your home. It is a good idea to go to business events where you will get to ask business owners whether they would hire you to work for their graphics. You should also consider having your website and get to rank high on Google so that it’s easier for businesses to find you.


5. Family Mediator

Your job as a mediator would help resolve and reach acceptable outcomes from family, employment, or legal disputes. You will be handling the entire mediation process, right from the referral to resolution. The type of task you take daily will depend on the dispute’s nature. You might mediate between divorcing couples or in child custody battles. 

The individual will have to organize the initial meetings with both parties and explain mediation to everyone to get the same page. But before you do anything, one needs proper training to become a mediator. You can take a course accredited by the CMC (Civil Mediation Council) to gain a registered status.


Summing Up

Besides, you can try bookkeeping, meal planning according to customer requirements, capturing and selling photographs for different events, catering, or opening a food truck. In a nutshell, it is time to confidently step out of the shadows and turn into the Girl Boss you deserve to be. So, if you have the zeal to succeed and a little capital to invest, pick out any of the business ideas given above and get started.


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