Various Windows users report issues such as “my mouse keeps double clicking” whenever working on the PC. If you also have encountered this issue, even though you click on the Mouse just once, you are not alone. This problem is prevalent amongst various PC users.

The most common reason behind this issue is that your Mouse’s double-click speed setting is set too low. When it is set very low, clicking at two different times may be taken as double-click instead. In this blog, you will find the right ways to fix the mouse double-clicking Windows 10 along with the causes behind it

Why is my Mouse double-clicking Windows 10?

This is a minor yet significant issue as it prevents users from giving inputs to their system. Some of the suspected causes behind this Mouse double clicks Windows 10issue are listed below:

  • An outdated mouse and touchpad driver
  • Power management settings interruption
  • One or more HIID-Complaint Mouse Entries
  • Settings for Misconfigured Folder Options

Some of the related problems to Windows 10 mouse double clickare as follows:

  • Wireless Mouse Double-Clicks: This issue has been seen in both wireless and wired Mouse. However, in a wireless Mouse, there can be some connectivity issue at the receiver end. Power management setting can also be the reason behind it.
  • Windows 10 Single Click interpreted as double click: When a user clicks the Mouse just once, the Mouse registers double times. It means that it gives output in the form of double clicks. This one is a common issue yet so frustrating.
  • Disable Double Click on the Mouse: This is another issue where users have observed the random click. The reason behind this can be anything, either internal system glitch or malware.
  • Mouse Clicks are sensitive: Some of the users experience too sensitive click issue. Mouse configuration could be the reason here.
  • Mouse double-clicks when holding down: This issue is with the scrolling button. Often, it is used to scroll, but some users have reported that even this clicks twice. This can be because of some software bug. You can try and update the related drivers on rollback.

Troubleshooting ‘my Mouse keeps double-clicking’ Problems 

There are various methods to fix these ‘my mouse keeps double clicking Windows 10’ problems reported by PC users. Before initiating the troubleshooting procedure for this issue, make sure your connection and hardware are working correctly.

Solution 1: Change the mouse double-click speed

Users often report my Mouse keeps double-clicking.As mentioned above also, this issue can be related to the double-click speed settings. By changing the speed of double-click in your Mouse, this issue may be resolved. Follow the below steps to change double-click settings of the Mouse:

  • Launch the control panel by pressing Windows Key plus S, and typingn> control panel, and then select the Control Panel from the list.
  • Change the view from Category to Large icons. Now, locate and click Mouse to change the mouse settings.
  • Now, locate the Double click speed section and change it by moving the slider. Some users say that you need to reduce the double click speed, while others claim that you need to set it to the highest value.
  • After you have set the range, click Apply and then OK to save changes and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Change Power management settings for USB Root Hub

Here is another method to help you fix Mouse double clicks Windows 10 problems. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you need to start Device Manager, go to the Universal Serial Bus controllers section and expand it.
  • Now, double click the USB Root Hub to open its properties. Move to the power management tab and then uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.’
  • Click Apply and then tap on OK to save changes. Now repeat the same steps for all USB Root Hub devices listed in the Device Manager.

Solution 3: Rollback to older driver

After a specific Windows update, users reported that this issue takes place with Mouse and touchpad. To fix this issue, it is recommended that you roll back to an older version of the driver. For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you need to press Windows Key plus X to open the Power User Menu and select the Device Manager from the list.
  • When Device Manager Launches, locate the Mouse or touchpad you use and double-click it to open its properties.
  • Now, click the Roll Back Driver button in the Driver Tab. Wait for the Windows 10 to roll back to the older version of the driver.

After following the above solutions or methods, your issue of ‘my mouse keeps double-clicking’will be resolved. If you still think that the problem exists, you can contact a tech expert or change your Mouse.


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