Skincare tips for teenagers

Teenage is one of the worst times of our lives especially in terms of skin and health. The hormonal changes are sometimes very abrupt, and the suspects are unable to recognize the issues.
Dark spots, acne, and blemishes are the most prominent characteristics of teenagers. Because of hormonal changes, the skin pores get enlarged and ultimately there is a high risk of dirt accumulation in their skin, which will eventually lead to pimples and blackheads.
For everyone, there will be a different skin condition. So, lads and ladies, you ought not to worry if there are huge differences in your skin and your best friend’s skin.
The reason for writing, this article is my pestering niece who wants me to tell her about the upcoming issues regarding puberty, she is a very annoyed person nowadays, because of acne break out and her mother is even more conscious.
They both believe that this condition is going to prevail for the rest of her life. So, through this blog, I am trying to tell each teenager who is suffering from any such hormonal imbalances which are affecting their skins that these issues are temporary and a good diet with the best skincare routine can help you fight the physical symptoms of such unbearable problems of Skincare tips for teenagers.

Why teenagers are obsessed with clear skin?

I do not know why, but naturally many teenagers are very obsessed with clear and attractive skin. Maybe it is because of the smooth and supple faces on the internet or because of the brightening soap ads.
But what I strongly believe is, it is because of a lack of confidence and halted support by parents. When a boy or girl reaches his teenage, we parents think that it is time to set him free. Of course, you must let them do what they want but that does not mean that parents must not guide them.
These things highlight their inferiority complexes, which in some way or another are linked with their appearance.
Here is the most authentic skin routine which teenagers must follow for fighting the annoying skin changes, which are genetic and natural. Skincare tips for teenagers are:-

Skincare Tips for Teenagers


1.    Cleansing

Teenagers love to hang out and daily routine involves a lot of hustle. Their skin gets exposed to dust and smoke. I would recommend having a cleansing soap which has got carbon in it.
Due to dirt and pollution, a high amount of smoke gets accumulated in our skin, which can only be removed through carbon enriched cleansers.
You can have some micellar water cleansing sessions if you are wearing makeup daily, which is not a good thing, especially for teenagers.

2.    No to oil

In our teenage we all have heard that we are not supposed to eat oily food, yeah you heard your mum right, you must not eat oily or deep-fried food.
Your skin can get very sensitive because your oil glands are already open and oily products can affect and boost the pimple production.
Use some products with salicylic acid, and oil-free primers, these things can affect the oil level of your skin.

3.    Exfoliate

Using homemade exfoliation masks, you must not try the cosmetics too soon. You can have gram flour, almond, and honey scrub for cleaning.

4.    Personal hygiene

Without personal hygiene, you can boost up the germ’s production on your skin, which will be very disappointing.
Keep a hand sanitizer in your bag, this will keep your hands clean. If in case, you don’t get a hand sanitizer then try to wash your hands before touching your face.

5.    Sunscreens

Skincare tips for teenagers

Skin protection is the topmost priority during teenage. When you will not wear sunscreen, then you would be welcoming more acne breakout.

6.    No old hacks

Always keep in mind that haste makes waste, you are not supposed to follow the old hacks you see on the internet. They do not work when the reasons are internal, and the acne breakouts are due to hormonal imbalances.

7.    Visit a doctor

Skincare tips for teenagers

You must visit a doctor every three months so that you must not get confused, a doctor can guide you and stay away from quacks as much as you can.



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