Side Plank

There are many types of planks, but there are some features of this plank that makes it different from other types of planks. From the list of the types of planks people only choose 3-4 types of planks for their workout. People always try to add that exercise in their schedule that is more beneficial for them. And for completing the all requirements of the core, the Side plank is one of the great exercises. There are many people who face a lot of problems during the side plank, So after reading the whole article you all problems related side plank surely resolved.

There is no doubt that side plank is one of the amazing workouts, But if you do mistakes during this exercise then you have surely get many negative side effects. That’s a reason I also mentioned all common mistakes of the side plank and its resolving ways.


Side Plank Steps


Step 1  – Lie on one side with the upper foot stacked right on top of the lower foot.

Side Plank - Step 1
Side Plank: Perfect Steps & Its Amazing Benefits

Step 2 – Place your elbow directly in line under your shoulder

Side Plank step 2
Side Plank: Perfect Steps & Its Amazing Benefits

Step 3 – Lift your hips so that they form a straight line from feet, between your legs, through the groin, and straight-up through the middle of your neck.

Side Plank Step 3
Side Plank: Perfect Steps & Its Amazing Benefits

Step 4 – Maintain a straight spinal alignment both horizontally and vertically.

Side Plank - Step 4

Step 5 – Do not let your hips or shoulders tip forward or back. Keep them aligned with the top side of the hip directly over the other hip.

Side Plank - Step 4
Side Plank: Perfect Steps & Its Amazing Benefits


Repeat these same steps on the other hand. In the beginning stage, you can hold your Body at this position according to your capacity. But in the mediate and advanced level side plank, you should set a target of time.


Benefits Of Doing Side Plank

There are many types of benefits that you can gain from the side plank workout. But those benefits that are common in simple plank and side plank so them we ignore and discuss those benefits who make side plank special is mentioned here.

1. Hands & Core Strength

From the side plank, your hands and core will gain maximum benefits. Your complete upper body weight is on your single Arm.

In the side plank, you majorly feel the pressure on the side stomach. That’s a reason people choose side plank workout to reduce side fat of the body. If you have a problem with chipko belly fat. Then for you, this plank is too helpful. From this plank, many people in my gym found positive results.  Side Plank makes your core strength awesome due to this your body flexibility and doing capacity of any exercise increase.

2. Balancing

Balancing power is used in over 90 percent of the planks but in this type of plank, your balancing power consumption is on top. If you did this exercise regularly then your balancing power of full-body improves.

3. Time Period Increases

Practicing side plank regularly increases the capacity of doing a plank. You also find the improvement of time in all types of planks due to this plank.

Due to these reasons, I like Side plank too much. These all are common benefits that 99 percent of people gained from feet elevated plank.

4. Back Strength & Pain

The importance of back during plank is most. Your back position decides over 80 percent Benefits of Planking. In some cases due to the wrong position of the back people start facing back injuries.

 Erector Spinae is not a muscle it is the group of the muscles and tendons. And this group is used in plank exercises. It strengths you this back muscle group. Plank workout also helps to improve your back structure.

Plank also reduces your back pain chances because the most reason behind back pain and cramp is weak muscles. Through side planking your erector muscle group gets strong and your injury and back pain chances reduce over 70 percent.


Final Words
There is no doubt that side plank is one of the great exercises that help you to complete many types of fitness goals. To modify, You bring your bottom knee to the floor or place your top foot in front of your bottom foot. In short, For the Benefits of Planking, you should do a plank workout daily (without mistake) and take a proper diet, rest. I hope you will gain all the Amazing Benefits of Side plank.



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