Shipping a cat by air | 7 Helpful Tips for you

Felines in comparison to canines tend to be reserved, shy, and private. Though not impossible, yet it can be quite a task in convincing them in travelling to far off places. However, proper planning, acquainting it to travel, and making appropriate arrangements can surely help in turning your travel into a hunky-dory one.

In case you are thinking of shipping your little feline by air, it is recommended to be well aware of all the information before you begin your travel. This blog will assist you in making an appropriate plan, and how to guarantee a safe trip with your cat.

As per the research conducted by Air Cargo World, shipping cats and dogs via air is considered as the safest medium of transportation. This includes quick travel as well as low rates of accidents. However, there are certain aspects that need to be complete before you set forth on your travel.

Do not opt for tranquilizers

Often pet owners opt to give their cats tranquilizers or sedatives during long travel, especially by air. However, it is recommended against doing so as it can lead to a heinous effect on your cat’s health. Rather it is recommended to take your cat to a veterinarian before you set out for the trip. They will not only ensure your cat is in good health but also suggest accurate measures to keep your cat calm while they travel. This will make it much easier for you to plan your travel and ship your cat by air without trouble.

Cost of shipping your cat by air

A lot of things are taken into consideration when calculating the overall cost of shipping your cat by air. These include the destination – the closer the destination, the less expensive is the travel. Besides, there are other components that you can manage from your end to lessen the burden of airfare for your cat. These include:

• Arranging for a travel crate

• Airfare in addition to travel to and from the airport

• Custom and Quarantine fees

• International health documents and import permits.

Let’s look at in detail: Shipping your cat safely by air – What do you need?

Get your cat vaccinated

Whether you are traveling inside the country or internationally, it is advisable to get your cat vaccinated to avoid any illness. Get yourself abreast of the import rules of the country and get the required vaccine shots.

Choose airlines that allow pets

Ensure the airlines you are opting for allows carrying pets along. Some airlines are more pet friendly than others. Choosing an airline that is pet friendly will allow you to travel without trouble. This thus requires a little more research and needs to educate oneself about different airlines, before booking your travel.

Train your cat to travel in a crate

Order an airline approved crate for traveling. In case your cat is not accustomed to traveling in a cat, it is advisable to make it acquainted with the environment through training. It will help it get it used to it weeks before and make it easy for you and your cat.

Carry pet-friendly food

Your cat might feel hungry during the trip. Especially if it’s international travel, it may take much more time to reach the destination. Keeping your cat hungry for a long period can prove heinous to its health. Feed your cat regularly with water to keep it hydrated. Besides, you can also arrange for the food and water keeping it inside the crate wherein your cat can fetch it whenever required.

Choose a professional pet shipper

Shipping a cat by air | 7 Helpful Tips for you

There are plenty of professional pet shippers who offer shipping cats by air services at economic rates. Being professionals, they know how exactly to handle your pets and ensure they reach the destination safely and unhurt. If you are opting for a professional pet shipping service, it is recommended to run a complete check of the company in addition to understanding its terms and conditions.

Arranging for Import permits

In case you are traveling to an international location, it is a must to obtain formal permission from the government. You will have to acquire an import permit that is not inclusive in the airfare ticket.

Official health certificates for government endorsements

International travel with your pet requires getting all the necessary paperwork sorted before the travel. This is done to ensure complete safety for your pet and ensure a tireless journey for pet owners. It is mandatory to obtain official health paperwork from your veterinarian before you plan your travel. These documents must be certified by an official government body.

Traveling with your pet to an international location requires detailed planning and taking the utmost care of your feline or canine. With the guidelines provided in this article, you will not only be able to arrange for safe shipping of your cat by air but also have lots of fun.

Shipping a cat by air | 7 Helpful Tips for you


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