Search engine optimization is data-driven, not based on our guts! With all of this insurmountable data, it is still next to impossible to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Right?

SEO is a smart game of implementing unique strategies and tactics to outdo competitors and remain a step ahead of the market curve.

Nowadays, digital success comes to those who are ready to embrace SEO trends and devote time in R&D-simply, learning new aspects of search engine optimization.

Just like graphic designing, the rules of search engine optimization are not written on stones. Be it digital marketing agencies or marketers, try astute SEO practices to rank your website better in major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

So, let’s take a tour of the latest SEO trends that are accomplishing results in 2021 but will become assertive in 2020? Read to find out:-

1. Structured Data

Typically, the structured data is a code on the website back end that communicates directly with search engines. Further, it illustrates the search crawlers, what the website is all about, how it does, and why it deserves to be ranked high on SERP results.

One of the strategic components of modern SEO is applying structured data to the site’s back end.

This is because, in recent years and the time to come, search engines will rely mainly on artificial intelligence to drive online browsing to a whole new level of convenience and search precision.

As AI is influencing the search engine industry, the need for structured data has become not just real but all the more important.

The structured data makes it breeze-easy for the search engine AI to take all the content-the faster processing, the higher rankings.

The Structured Data establishes a contextual relationship between your visitors’ behaviors and what sort of content they are searching for.

2. Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization has grown in prominence to deliver measurable & lasting SEO results as the search engines continue to evolve.

Pay great emphasis on the technical functions of your website. Starting with speed, Google is consistently rewarding websites having high response speed. So, the quicker the site loads, the stronger impressions are on the search engines.

Never sacrifice your site’s web page loading for a few flashy functions, as they ultimately don’t count if your website takes ages to load.

One of the easiest approaches to have a satisfying SEO score is to build a business website that is simpler & faster.

If you want a comprehensive technical SEO report, then hire a trustworthy SEO Firm in India, having a wealth of experience coupled with insight knowledge to provide necessary suggestions.

3. Video Content

Given the popularity of video search engines such as YouTube and Vimeo, it is a wise-move to embed promotional yet informative videos on your webpages.

This practice has a miraculous capacity to drive user engagement to the next level, scaling new highs with each passing day, way more than simple text.

With videos becoming red hot, the day is not far when search engines will crawl websites based on their audio-visual content.

4. HTTPS is Still Important

With the disastrous stories of hacking coming from all parts of the world, web security had become indispensable-especially in the year 2018 when Google labeled sites with no HTTPS as “Not Secure.”

In 2020, the requirement for SSL certification cannot be surpassed. To accomplish high credibility, improved security, and better rankings, invest in SSL certification. Moreover, Google will continue to display a “Not Secure” warning for the non-HTTPS site.

5. User Experience

We expect User Experience (UX) to be an indispensable aspect of SEO in 2021. With umpteen tweaks in the domain of Google rankings, the search engine will start promoting websites that present user-centric, personalized browsing experiences. Businesses will concentrate more on ensuring a higher level of user experience to achieve and maintain higher rankings.

Closing Thoughts

The above five SEO trends will catch up in 2020, so to align with them, it is easy to rope in a credible Digital Marketing Agency offering local SEO services. They will assist you in planning a winning strategy that enables better search engine results.


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