1. BACKLINKScontinue to be an important factor that affects the search positions of the site, despite the change in ranking algorithms.
  2. AUTHORITY OF THE RESOURCE, from which links to your site go, also directly affects the ranking. In this case, the authority of the site  and its relevance (coincidence of the subject matter) are more important than the authority of the referring page.
  3. RELEVANT CONTENT, which is focused on in-depth disclosure of the topic, significantly helps to raise the search position of the site. Deep thematic content is guaranteed to improve your ranking in search results.
  4. BIG CONTENThas a higher ranking advantage than shorter content. The first page of search results contains pages with a text length of 1800 words or more. Remember it’s important to use your keyword phrase in your H1 and title  and URL tags .
  5. HTTPS – the datatransfer protocol has recently become quite a significant influence on the ranking of sites in Google. Most likely, Yandex will also adopt this algorithm in the near future. So, if you plan to order the development of a website, it is advisable to immediately use the HTTPS protocol when creating it.

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  1. SHORT LINKSrank better than long ones. Use short links, as anything more than 5 words in a link is practically not taken into account when ranking. The key phrase in the link will also help improve the search position of the site.
  2. PUBLICATION OF IMAGEShelps to better ranking, in addition, the site will be shown in Yandex and Google pictures. Even text with a single image outperforms text without images. But, if you add additional images, it will not affect the search positions of the site.
  3. HEADING OPTIMIZATION, they should be 160 – 170 characters long, the exact occurrence of the keyword is desirable, this factor continues to affect the ranking, especially in Yandex. Google understands the essence of the page and provides an answer to the user’s request, even if the keyword is not in the title, semantic search is developing more and more.
  4. The LOADING SPEED of thesite is of great importance and affects the search positions of the site. Since 2010, Google has been using the website’s loading speed as an official ranking parameter. Alexa statistics also confirm that pages on fast sites outperform slow-loading sites.
  5. EXACT INCLUSION of thepromoted phrase (anchor) into the link text continues to significantly affect the search positions of the site, but this technique should not be used too often, since the Google Penguin algorithm has a negative attitude towards such links. You can use word-forms and diluted occurrences.
  6. USER FACTORS: time spent on the site and the number of clicks – affect the search positions of the site. Based on statistics from SimilarWeb, we can conclude that a low bounce rate gives a higher position in search results. This is due to better quality texts that respond to user requests.

7 user factors that positively influence your search engine rankings in 2018

Website development with promotion greatly accelerates the process of bringing the resource to good positions. However, search engine ranking today is heavily dependent on behavioral factors. It is very important for search engines that users like the resource.

It doesn’t matter how many keys you add to the text of the page, since 2018 behavioral factors have played the most important role in the promotion.

Reduce your bounce rate . If the user quickly leaves the resource, this is bad

Get visitors to linger and explore your site’s content. Followed links, watched videos, left comments …

Optimize the resource for tablets and smartphones. If the site is not responsive, you will lose 50% or more of traffic

Reduce website loading speed, users don’t like to wait

Make users come back. If they visit the second and third time, then they like your content – this is the conclusion that search engines will make.

Offer bonuses, give free time to test your product, offer regular promotions, use any means …



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