Samsung wireless Dex for PCs coming to move phones.

Samsung wireless Dex for PCs coming to move phones.

Samsung wireless Dex for PCs coming to move phones.


According to the records it has been noted that Samsung might stop coming out with the special dex feature sooner or maybe later. Well, at least for now, the company is going to continue with this very special and exclusive feature.

Rather, it is one of the exclusive perks that people get while pairing their galaxy phones with desktops. The tenure of the Dexs completely depends on the number of users and then it solely depends upon the types of phones it supports.

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Important facts and information related to the Samsung Dex feature.

Dex started as the most popular desktop android experience. The feature runs when you connect any external display to some of Samsung’s high-end Galaxy phones.

The Samsung Dex feature emerged with many other secure connections like connecting to a Windows PC to run Dex inside. The main purpose was basically to ditch the USB and connect it wirelessly.

The wireless capability was also first introduced in galaxy note 20. Whereas the wireless PC connectivity was added to the Galaxy S21 series. It was also only expected that the Dex feature might get included only in future models. Well, the good news is that it is not true and Samsung will be updating many of the galaxy phones with the Dex feature. But you also need to keep in mind that the list is quite small, hence, the phones in which the Dex feature is updated are very very small.

Now, let’s move ahead and discover some of the best Dex features and tricks. You can learn more about them at buzinessbytes.

Important Dex features and tricks

Mentioned below are the various types of Samsung’s Dex feature.

  1. Enabling or switching in the developer options in the Samsung Dex will help in the better scaling of the applications. You can execute this by going to the Dex home page and to repeat with the Dex option.
  2. You can use the Dex feature conveniently by using the Dex keyboard shortcuts. With these shortcuts, you can also align the apps perfectly in your desired way.
  3. You can also create many shortcuts with the Dex feature. This will help you in accessing the files and folders in a lot of convenient ways.
  4. For the applications you use frequently you can easily pin them on the taskbar. Not only this, but you can also run an application in the background with the Dex feature.
  5. You can also customize the features of your desktop using the Dex feature. This will help you in changing the font, colors and wallpapers too.


Here is everything that you need to know about the Samsung wireless Dex for PC feature. Make sure to consider all the advantages of the Dex feature. This will help you in using the features efficiently and in a very smooth manner.

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