SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN is a fast-growing VPN service based in Israel. The company provides network anonymity solutions to around 34 countries around the world and has been in operation since 2013 when it was initially formed. Users can be assured of various great features such as; reliable speeds of up to 44Mbps on a global scale, low latency that makes it suitable for online gamers, easy access to iPlayer, Netflix, and other streaming services among several other functions. Other qualities of the Safervpn VPN that make it to stand out include:-



1) Has an automatic location finder algorithm



The system has a preprogrammed network location selection protocol that runs in the background and can automatically choose the best VPN protocol for you depending on the existing system configuration. In most cases, SaferVPN uses IKEv2as the preferred location choice algorithm, which is particularly effective when regularly changing between mobile and Wi-Fi devices, or between separate Wi-Fi networks. However, OpenVPN may also be applied as a default option.



Nevertheless, this location identifier algorithm function is entirely optional meaning you can just ignore it if you don’t like it.



2) Accessible from multiple server locations



With a total of 34 countries to choose from where you can connect your servers, you definitely can’t run out of locations with this particular VPN service. The company also operates a significant number of individual servers standing at around 700 and serviced by approximately 1,000 IP addresses.



This vast collection of server locations ensures that you’ll never experience reduced performance due to server congestion at any moment, even during busy times of the day. Moreover, for US users you can choose between servers found in the East or West of the country depending on the particular state you live in, or the type of web content that you want to access.



Nevertheless, those residing in Europe are the best served since SaferVPN VPN is available in 20 countries across the continent, including in Russia. There are also connectivity choices in Asia-Pacific regions such as India, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Australia.



3) High levels of encryption and security



SaferVPN has taken active measures towards strengthening its privacy policy and introducing cutting-edge security features, which make it more attractive to privacy-conscious users. Its latest encryption system is done via AES-256, which is the same security protocol used by the American government and thought to be unhackable.



Furthermore, recent updates on the VPN now include IPv6 and DNS leak protection, which both help in preventing any browser-related risks that may occasionally pass through your VPN connection undetected, while also sending DNS requests straight to your ISP. Likewise, while SaferVPN doesn’t run its own DNS servers, it still uses Google Public DNS which provides sufficiently high levels of security and performance.



Additionally, for an extra layer of anonymity, you can access Tor via SaferVPN, which shall provide you with a second layer of encryption if you’re handling more sensitive data. You can also give permission for local network devices like printers to bypass the VPN network, and get connected instantly.



Similarly, SaferVPN has the killswitch feature which ensures your actual IP address isn’t revealed to any 3rd parties, by momentarily stopping web-traffic should your VPN disconnect unexpectedly.



4) Convenient and user-friendly logging policy



The network’s logging policy is fairly close to zero-logs as can be, but still maintains great levels of performance. It’s designed not to log your personal information such as browsing activity, IP addresses, and data, including the websites you visit and any files that are downloaded or shared.



All that SaferVPN may collect is just minimal usage statistics for internal reference purposes. Some of these basic log information may include details like; date and time when the session started and ended selected country and server location as well as the amount of data utilized during the session. All this data isn’t personally identifiable and can’t be traced back to you as the owner. Typically, SaferVPN records these logs for a period of around 3 months after which they are deleted.



5) Supports browser extensions, consoles, and streaming devices



SaferVPN provides reliable extensions for Firefox and Chrome apps. These extensions are very simple to download and update on your browser, plus in most cases, they are usually installed in just a few seconds if you already got the main app setup available on your device. Typically, they’re categorized among the paid subscriptions option, but may also be available for free to some users subject to the 500MB data cap offer.



In addition, SaferVPN is compatible with multiple streaming devices and consoles which can be attached through a synchronized router or device already connected to the SaferVPN app. This may include devices like Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, Roku, PS3/4, and Amazon Fire Stick among others. You’ll find multiple configuration guides for these devices and more on the SaferVPN website, most of them are straightforward and quite simple to follow.






a) Easy installation and use. This VPN is very user-friendly and simple to set up, in fact, you can have it installed and launched in less than 5 minutes. They have also made it simple to locate and configure your settings so as to meet your specific network goals.



b) Responsive customer service. The care desk team is very supportive and quick to reply to any queries you may have.



c) Versatility. SaferVPN is compatible with various devices and operating systems including; Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry phones, Linux, several routers, and different online streaming platforms.



d) Multiple payment options to choose from and a 30-day cash back guarantee. You can make payments through PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, or PaymentWall, plus the company also provides a full-month money-back guarantee for all new subscribers.






i) Limited torrenting ability. Out of their 700 servers, SaferVPN only has one server in the Netherlands that’s capable of torrenting.



ii) Doesn’t work in some countries like China. Expats and tourists who may want to use the VPN service as they travel around the world may not be able to use it in certain countries, where there are restrictive censorship laws on the internet.



In conclusion, SaferVPN is a reliable VPN service that’s operated from the company’s official base in Israel. The network is available in about 34 countries across the globe and provides users with various benefits such as greater online anonymity, high encryption levels, and the ability to support various add-ons and browser extensions.

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