Tips for removing facial hair  

Removing facial hair, Women tend to be very conscious about their beauty and that is what makes them so exotic. I mean, what else do you expect from a woman who is extremely meticulous for a number of things. Firstly, I want to have everything right and on point.
Thus, when it comes to facial hairs women will never approve of that and facial hair area characteristics of men. Here I am not talking about an enormous amount of facial hair but that natural hairline which creates a disturbing feeling for the women.
Before we get into the tips and remedies for removing facial hairs. Let us get a glimpse of the reasons for facial hairs without knowing the reason we will not be able to understand the tips for removing facial hair.
removing facial hair
signs of excess facial hairs
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Reasons for unwanted facial hairs

Our body is like an ecosystem, sometimes what we put in our bodies. It will ultimately induce some of our cells to produce some chemicals. which will affect our features, hairs and other systems.
Mostly, unwanted hairs are because of the hormonal imbalance. But these issues can be treated through different tips for removing facial hair. which is have discussed later in this article.

1.      Hirsutism is a cause for excess hairs

Hirsutism is a medical condition that can make women have more male hormones and ultimately. they will have thick hairs especially at those areas where men have got hairs such as the chest, upper lips, and chin.

How to diagnose Hirsutism

If you feel that you have got excess hair in these areas, then ask your mother about this condition. This is a genetic issue and t usually runs in families.
Hence, It is not a severe condition and can be controlled. If you will visit the doctor the first thing he would ask is about your family history.
You will go through ovary ultrasound and other adrenal glands which are the main source for male hormones.

2.  polycystic ovarian syndrome causes facial hairs

This is characterized by abnormal cyst formation on ovaries. Those cystic cells will induce the production of hormones in an abnormal way.
Ultimate women will have irregular menstrual cycles. You can easily find this issue through other symptoms such as acne and being overweight.

3.      Excessive medications can affect hair production

Various women who tend to get excessive medications which have got several hormone stimulators can have excessive hair growth.
Antibiotics play a very crucial role in this aspect, other medicines which are rich in testosterone and cyclosporin tend to have effects on your facial hair growth.

Medical tips for removing facial hairs

Therefore, In medicine, there are a lot of options for controlling the excessive growth of  

1. hormone management

The very first thing which will be the most effective one is hormonal management. This can be done through diet, you ought not to eat processed food without telling your nutritionists.
Poultry foods which are bred through hormonal injections are very destructive for your health if you want to lower the production of excessive hairs. You will b prescribed these two medicines, the first one which is not very heavy and usually doctors recommend it for girls.
Antiandrogen medicines, which are designed to inhibit the production of androgen hormone. Which is the main cause of excessive facial hair?
If you are suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome then. You will be prescribed some birth control pills. Which are known for their estrogen boosting power?

2.  obesity

Secondly, obese women have got more fatty layers and these fats somehow induce the production of male hormones. Believe it or not, your fatty mass is the culprit in many cases.
You will have to go on a keto diet initially and once you have got the ideal weight then you ought to maintain it through physical exertions and a healthy diet.

3. Creams for facial hair removal

for making you feel good about your face, doctors. The dermatologist will prescribe you sem creams the most active ingredients in these creams will be, eflornithine,  which is known worldwide for its facial hair controlling properties.

4. Waxing 

Those who are facing any type of medical issues. they must try to go for waxing. Waxing would only take 15 to 20 minutes and the effects will last for more than a month. 

5. Laser 

The laser is the safest option if you have got the best dermatologist, the light rays can burn the hairs. The effects of a laser will stay more than waxing. Along with laser, you will have to continue your medications as well.

Natural tips for facial hair removal

So far, we were discussing some medical and synthetic ways for facial hair removal. Now, in this section, you can get a glimpse of natural remedies and tips for facial hair removal. 

1.     green gram and rose water 

Green gram is known for its miraculous properties for female hormones, you must add them into your diet for getting incredible results. Many old women will tell you about it.
Now, what you ought to do is to have a half cup of green gram and make a powder of it. Once you have got that powder to add two tablespoons of rose water.
Apply this mixture on to the affected area twice a week. This will help you in reducing the growth of facial hair.

2. onion and basil leaves

Now, you must think that onions are is known for hair growth then why am I recommending using onion?
Onion juice has got very weird effects and it depends upon the ingredients mixed with onion juice.
make a paste of thin layers of the onion with basil leaves and apply it on the affected area for more than 20 minutes.
Repeat this thrice a week. it is highly recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

3. lavender and tea tree oil

You will need one teaspoon of lavender oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. apply this mixture every night.
Within a few months. you will see a lower rate of facial hair. tea tree oil and lavender oil are known for their anti-androgenic properties.
Thus if you have got facial hair because of androgenic hormones these tips are going to solve your problems for quite an extent.

4. Gelatin and milk

Get some pinches of unflavored gelatin, mix it with a half cup of milk. Now heat it up in the microwave.
Once you have got a hot mixture let it stay for about three to four-minute. it will get a sticky texture, apply it on your face.
it will make a peel-off mask that can be used to exfoliate facial hair.

5. Papaya and turmeric

Papaya is known for disintegrating the hair cuticle. so you can use it for removing facial hair. Get two tablespoons of raw papaya and mix it with a half tablespoon of turmeric create a paste and apply it to the affected area.
Once you have applied it let it stay for 30 minutes. You can massage it for increased results, repeat this activity twice a week.
papaya has got an enzyme, Papin, which can increase the loss of facial hair.


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