Tips for healthy hair

Have you ever thought about the importance of uncountable hairs on your scalp? I just wonder what made God think this way, he could have made all of us bald. He did not and just as everything in this universe has got its significance, these hairs on your head have got their own.
Your hairs are the protecting barrier for your scalp and skull, if you will hit a bald person, who is naturally bald, then he will feel more pain than a person who has got hairs on his head. This is because of the ability of hairs to resist force, moreover, hairs and hairstyles create a look for your face and aura.
Women are quite conscious about their hair, and in this article, we will discuss what are some home remedies for getting healthy hair.
There are multiple reasons for weak hair, but most of the time it is carelessness, rather than some diseases.
Youngsters who usually, a complaint about hair fall is supposed to focus on their diet first and must make sure that their bodies are getting enough oxygen and blood circulation.
Lastly, the most devastating reason for hair fall is a hormonal issue, but through proper medications, this can also be resolved, my firm belief is that along with medicines a person must also try to have some massage and treatments of his own.
The reason for that is the psychological one when you put an extra effort for any of your body parts, your will power, and belief automatically increases and thus, there is a high chance that your hair will grow fast.
Remedies for Healthy Hair, Valuable Home Remedies

Here are some valuable remedies:-

1.    Butter

Butter is the ultimate source of fatty acids, it is enriched with multiple vitamins, including vitamin D and A, both are necessary for hair growth.
This helps in boosting the production of keratin, which is the most important component of hair. Get two tablespoons of butter and apply it thoroughly in your scalp and hair. Now take shower and rinse it off. You must do this for almost three months of thrice a week because our hair remedies will react and grow within 100 days.

2.    Protein treatment

You must be thinking that here I will recommend you visit a parlor for a protein treatment, but if you are a bit smart then you will easily get my point.
You need to make an egg and shampoo omelet. Mix some shampoo with egg and wash your hair with it. this will enhance the proteinase strength of your hair. You must repeat this after every two baths.

3.    Biotin and omega 3

Your diet plays a very crucial role in your overall health, you must get some meat or vegetables for increasing the quantity of omega 3 and biotin.
If in case you are a vegetarian, then you must add lentils to your diet.

4.    Onion juice

Onion is a rich antifungal and antioxidant, you must blend an onion and with a cotton cloth extract its juice, store it in a spray bottle and whenever you are going for a bath, apply it for almost 40 minutes, beware of its smell.

5.    Mix oils

In south ais, this remedy is topmost. You must mix at least six oils and if some of them are cold presses then nothing can be better than that, mix, mustard oil, gooseberry oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil, you can add some botanical oils as well, such as saffron oils.
These oils will give your hair their natural luster and shine along with strength.

6.    Curd

Just as butter curd is also rich in vitamin D and vitamin A, applying two tablespoons of curd especially in summers can help you in maintaining smooth and shiny hair.


Taking care of your well being is an obligation for all of us, you must follow only those tips and remedies which suits you.
If in case you are allergic to any of the constituent, you better not use that for avoiding any complications.   
Remedies for Healthy Hair, Valuable Home Remedies


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