Due to easy access to the internet, now every business on the earth needs a website.
No matter what web hosting you choose to run your business website in Taiwan, it surely should provide your business with the utmost security and privacy, success and scalability.
Most businesses prefer to start with shared Hosting, but sooner or later, they realize that having Shared Hosting means compromising with a lot of things.

Shared is the best option for websites that receive very low traffic and require the least configurations.
So, what will happen when websites start receiving high traffic?
At this point, you cannot stick with your existing shared hosting plan; therefore, you have to switch to either Dedicated Hosting hosting or VPS Hosting.
But do you think investing in Dedicated Hosting could fulfil your criteria?
I say no.
Dedicated Hosting is only suitable for large businesses. It involves high cost and unnecessary resources that you might not require until you are running either a small business or medium level business.
On the other hand, VPS Hosting is the right choice for small business to medium level business.

In this article, I’ll further explain:
What VPS Hosting is, how it is different from Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, reasons to consider Taiwan VPS Hosting for your business and lastly, a recommendation about whom you should choose for your next VPS Hosting Taiwan Plan.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting means hosting a website on a virtual server divided into many partitions to serve multiple users. Though many websites are hosted on one virtual server, each website is equally secured, private, and scalable.
The server’s virtual environment gives every website an equal chance to grow and expand resources according to their business requirements. It is also very much capable of handling high traffic via just scaling up its resources.

Difference between VPS hosting and Shared or Dedicated Hosting

As the term implies, Shared Hosting is a hosting where many websites share or say rely on one physical server and its resources. If one of the websites on that server gets high traffic, then other websites have to suffer from slow loading times and much more. It basically follows the policy of First Come First Serve.

It will not only slow down the speed of other websites but will also consume more resources, such as CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, storage, etc. In contrast, Dedicated Hosting means providing the entire server to one person only. Now he/she can use its resources the way he /she wants. With Dedicated Hosting, your website will never suffer from slow loading times and other outside websites’ performance.

But it is comparatively costly for small as well as medium businesses. And one more potential disadvantage is that one cannot use his/her own choice of operating system and software or install any apps.
This is why now businesses have started preferring Taiwan based VPS Hosting. It is actually a virtual version of Dedicated Hosting that offers the most benefits of Dedicated Hosting at an affordable price and gives complete control over the virtual server environment. With VPS server in Taiwan, all the websites stay safe and secure from cyber phishing and allow one to use only resources dedicatedly allocated to him/her only.

Reasons to consider Taiwan VPS hosting

Reasons To Consider Taiwan VPS Hosting For Your Business Website

Though are a lot of reasons to consider VPS Taiwan, I have mentioned here a few essential ones only:

  • Full Privacy
  • You want to protect your website from cyber crimes
  • Want to use own Operating System, apps, and software
  • Require a Complete Control
  • Wish to a Root Access
  • Want an Experience of Dedicated Hosting at much lesser cost
  • Want to enjoy high traffic
  • You need to install custom apps and software.
  • Want Dedicated RAM
  • Want to overcome server errors
  • You want your website to give its best performance
  • Want to place secure payment gateways on your website
  • Want to serve multiple requirements of users
  • Want to run an extreme resource-intensive website

Buy Best VPS Taiwan Package from Serverwala

Serverwala Data Centre is one of the industry-leading VPS server providers in Taiwan. It is constantly working on building its customers’ trust by providing the best quality services required for a business to attain heights in this digital world. Till now, it has served more than 1000+ customers all around the world. The operating systems available with Serverwala Taiwan VPS are Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos.

Key Features of Serverwala Taiwan VPS

  • Boost performance
  • Root Access
  • DDoS protection
  • 24 hours customer and technical support
  • Monthly 20TB Data transfer facility
  • 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Dedicated IP

For more information regarding plans and packages, the technology used, etc. visit its website at https://www.serverwala.com/



VPS Hosting is the most practical and economical choice for businesses that want to enjoy Dedicated Hosting’s core benefits. I hope the difference between VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Shared hosting and the reasons to consider Taiwan VPS has satisfied your search. No matter from whom you buy VPS Taiwan, it provides your website with full security, scalability, success and privacy.

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