The internet has allowed businesses to increase manifold. It also helps users map their requirements to various products and services in the market. However, technology has also given rise to the dark web for AlphaSSL Wildcard vs. Comodo Wildcard SSL. We have seen how data breaches have affected the industry stalwarts. Studies from the University of Maryland show that hackers attack around 2,244 times every day. Data breaches can lead to a severe loss of trust, a reduction in companies’ revenues, and hefty government authorities’ penalties.

It becomes necessary for companies to have systems in place to prevent such data breaches. One of the steps you can take is to install an SSL certificate. The global cybersecurity market is also seeing a tremendous uptrend for quite some time. It was valued at US$ 156.24 billion in 2020 and is bound to reach US$ 352.25 billion by 2026. The SSL certificate will help you to encrypt the interaction that the visitor has with the webserver. As a result, no third-party can access communication, and data leakage can be prevented. However, most businesses have several subdomains that could be of their different lines of business or geographies. It is where Wildcard SSL certificates can be of help.

Understanding a Wildcard SSL certificate

Imagine you are the webmaster of a website within several sub-domains. The parent organization has several lines of business and has separate sub-domains. Would you like the idea of having different SSL certificates for each? The Wildcard SSL certificate can help you by consolidating your needs.

A single certificate can help you by catering to the primary domain’s security and subsequent sub-domains under the same primary domain. The Wildcard notation has an asterisk (*). If you have installed a Wildcard SSL certificate for (*, you can also protect the sub-domains,,, etc.

In this article, we will look at the AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate review against the Comodo Wildcard SSL. You can use the Cheap SSL Coupon Code for lower prices for procuring these products.

The AlphaSSL brand

AlphaSSL provides some of the cheapest certificates that are available currently. It is also among the most reputed entry-level certificates. Some of the top brands also use their products. The brand has garnered a sizable market share too. They have experienced industry experts who staff their team.

They provide adequate support to customers over email as well as phone. They provide prompt customer service, their products can be easily installed, and clients can get complete help to correctly install the certificates.

They are known for their transparent pricing, and there are no hidden costs for their products. Clients can install their products across several servers without any additional fees being paid. There is a commitment to stringent security protocols as the 2048 bit-GlobalSign Root Certificate issues them.

The brand also has a robust application procedure that thoroughly assesses the website and the entity. The issuance time is relatively faster than some of its peers.


AlphaSSL Wildcard certificate

The AlphaSSL Wildcard certificate is compatible with most desktop and mobile browsers. You can stay assured when installing on the IIS server or the cPanel as it is compatible with most operating systems. The brand enthuses trust among its customers and provides a secured site trust seal too.

It provides a domain-controlled validation through SHA-256 bit encryption levels. The brand also provides warranties that are one of the best ways to certify genuineness. Some of the best AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate providers include SSL2Buy, SSL Authority, etc.

The Comodo brand name

It is among the most renowned brands in the industry and has more than 700,000 clients globally. They also have more than 8,000 global partners. Francisco Partners had acquired Comodo in 2017. Comodo is now rebranded as Sectigo. Comodo had grown to be the most extensive commercial Certification Authority in the world. The rebranding exercise has helped the brand to extend its portfolio to web security solutions too.

Comodo Wildcard SSL certificate

The Comodo brand name offers both Wildcard certificates, viz. domain validation and organization validation. The products come from the Sectigo stable, which has over 20 years of experience. They provide full-service support with comprehensive maintenance support. Its clients can add more subdomains without the need to reissue the certificate.

They also support unlimited server licensing and are compatible with all leading mobile and desktop servers. They also provide the highest encryption levels and set aside a significant sum as the warranty for its certificates. Some of the Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate providers are Comodo SSL Store, SSL2Buy, The SSLStore, etc.


The risk of data breaches keeps businesses always on their guard. Those with several subdomains need to install a Wildcard SSL certificate to ensure the primary domain and the one-level sub-domains. The AlphaSSL Wildcard is among the cheapest options available, while the Comodo Wildcard SSL is among the most renowned brands for web security. Businesses can also take the help of a Cheap SSL Coupon Code for lower prices.


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