The ministry of transport organises the MOT test to assess a vehicle’s condition regarding road safety and environmental standards. A variety of components are thoroughly evaluated, and finally, a report is made. If a vehicle fails an MOT test, it is declared ineligible to be driven. An average MOT test takes about 45-60 minutes, and you can pass it easily if you pay attention to the little details.

Before appearing for the test, you recommend that you make a self-assessment test on the vehicle and remove all the irregularities. If you are wondering how to run the test, here is a guide so that you never fail an MOT.

Check the Tyres

Tyres Derby are an important component when it comes to driving comfort and road safety. If the tyres have worn out, then the engine will burn more fuel, thereby causing more pollution. To assess the tyre’s condition, take a close look at the tread depth and sidewalls.

The recommended tread depth, as per the European Safety Standards, is 1.6mm. Any less than that and your vehicle will be disqualified. For this purpose, insert a penny in the ridges, and if the head is barely visible, you are good to go.

Similarly, observe the sidewalls very carefully. A weak sidewall is a potential threat to the passengers’ security, so it must be in pristine condition. If you spot a lot of cracks or bulges on the sidewall, replace the tyre.

Additionally, ensure that the tyres are of appropriate shape and size. Usually, people store a smaller spare tyre to save some space in the boot. If you had replaced the stock tyres with the smaller tyre, replace it with the new ones.

Manage the Oils

Engine and brake oils ensure that the multiple components function smoothly with a lesser chance of breakdown. They lubricate the pistons and clear out the exhaust pipes to reduce pollution. Before appearing for the test, visit a garage and recharge the oils.

During the test, the car is rigorously accelerated, and simultaneously brakes are applied to check for fuel emission and tyre condition. Therefore, all the internal components must be thoroughly serviced.

Clean the Windshield

The windshield should be properly cleaned and must ensure complete visibility of the road. Remove all the dust and dark spots, and if you spot a crack longer than 1cm, replace the glass.

Additionally, also make sure that the wipers are functioning properly with precise coordination. Sometimes, the vipers pick up a lot of dust, and as a result, they tend to leave a wiping spot which hampers the visibility.

In addition to this, recharge the water sprayer tank and ensure that it works properly with the wipers.

Check all the Lights

To run this test:

Get someone to operate the lights while taking a round of the car to look for discrepancies.If you see a flickering light, replace it with new ones. Ensure that the lights are responsive to all the internal commands.If you spot a vapour forming up inside the light guard, replace it with new ones. Additionally, also change all the fuse bulbs before appearing for the mot test Derby.

The number plate should be clear

Your registration plate acts as a legal document; therefore, it may be regarded as an obstruction of justice if it is unclear in any way. Ensure that the number font and size is according to the MHE standards and all the characters are visible. Additionally, ensure that the number plate is firmly and tightened and the bulb over it is functioning properly.

Other Irregularities

Once you are done with the vehicle’s primary assessment, look for other discrepancies such as dents, scratches, and other parts’ functioning. If the dent is hampering the smooth functioning of the vehicle in any way, get it repaired. Also, make sure that all the doors are opening and closing properly with a proper locking system.



  1. Yes, the MOT test is very important. It contains many things, such as lighting and signal lights, license plates, gears and tires, seat belts, tires and gears, etc. Therefore, we should pay attention to repairs and maintenance in this area.


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