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Running out of space with duplicate photos? Here is how to clean up manually and with the best duplicate photo finders for Windows 10.

After a certain time of usage our computer and mobile phones get filled with the duplicates. There can be similar and identical duplicates on our devices that can be removed easily. The duplicate pictures take extra space on the computer and after some time you will start receiving the message that the space on your device is filled. Due to the lack of space on the devices, the devices become slow and will not work properly.  

These duplicates can be removed using a duplicate photo remover program. There are different duplicate photo remover programs that will help you to remove duplicate photos from your devices.

One of the best duplicate photo finder and remover programs is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a simple program that will help you to remove identical and similar images from your computer. This simple program is filled with features that will thoroughly scan your computer for the duplicates and cleans them in a single click.

Duplicate Photos Fixer pro is one of the best duplicate photo finders that is capable of removing duplicates from internal and external storages. With its simple user interface, you can easily add the location which you wish to scan and then start the scan.

Duplicate Photos Fixer can be used by advanced users as well as novice users. This program can also help photographers to sort out duplicates. This program is capable of handling a large number of pictures.

Features of this simple duplicate photos’ remover program:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Program is a user-friendly program that will easily remove duplicates from your device.

  1. Different modes for comparison of the duplicates.

    Exact matching criteria: - This matching criteria will help you to find exact duplicates
    b. Similar matching criteria: - It is used for finding similar looking pictures from your computer.
  2. Matching level and other matching criteria in Similar match criteria.

    a. Matching level: Matching level will decide the similarity between images. You can slide the matching level slider for changing the similarity between the pictures.

    b. Bitmap size: It will help you to compare the pictures according to pixels.

    c.Time Interval: - This setting will help you to detect imagethat has 34 hours to 1 second gap between them. This will help you to detect images more accurately.

    d. GPS: - This will read the GPS coordinates and this program will read from 0 to 100 meters.

    Note: Load Defaults = This will change all the settings to the default values.

  3. Settings: There are different settings in this program that makes it more user friendly and easy to use.

    Settings is located on the top right corner of the the settings you will find three categories General, Scan Criteria, and excluded folders.

    General = This section will provide you the option to choose if you want to see confirmation dialog box or not, to see auto mark dialog box or not, to change if the program starts at the system start-up or not and other settings that will be useful for easy usage of the program.
  • Scan Criteria =From this setting you can check mark which file format you wish to include in the scan and you can also select size of the files to be scanned. You can select the size of the files from 10 MB to maximum size of 1023 MB.

  • Exclude Folders = This setting will help you to add the location to the list of excluded folders so that it won’t be included in the scan list.

4. Safe program:

Duplicates deleted using the program will be moved to Recycle Bin. So, you can recover them easily in case you do not wish to delete them. In case you are removing the duplicates from the network location then the images will be deleted permanently.

5. Multiple locations supported:

This simple program will help you to remove duplicates from both external and internal storages. You can select any location into the scan list and then start the scan to find duplicates from the selected location.

6. File formats:

This program is capable of scanning and removing duplicates of all major picture formats.

7. Marking of duplicates automatically:

Duplicates found using this program can be automatically marked in a single click. Once the duplicates are marked you can remove them in a single click.

There are different auto marking settings that will help you to mark duplicates according to your needs.

How to Use the program for deleting the duplicates?

Duplicate Photos Fixer pro is a simple program that will help you to remove duplicates easily.


1 – You have to download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer program from the link below:

2 – Once the program installed double click on its icon to run the program. Now add the location that you want to scan. You can also drag and drop the location that you want to scan.

3 – Now click on ‘Scan for Duplicates’ button to start scanning for duplicates.

4 – Once the scan is complete you can review the duplicate found. Also, you can mark all the duplicates using the Auto Mark button.

5 – Once done click on Delete Marked button to delete the duplicates.

These are the steps to remove duplicates from your Windows computer using Duplicate Photos Fixer.


Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best duplicate photo finders you can find that will help to remove duplicate photos from your Mac also. This simple program will easily search for all the duplicates from your device and then it will help you to remove them in a single click.

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