If you are new to the CBD Oil space, you may have heard a number of terms being thrown around and one of them being pure CBD. You may be wondering what this is and if it’s any different or better than the rest. We are going to help you understand it a little better in this article.

In short, pure CBD is also known as CBD isolate. It is CBD that has gone through many purification steps where other cannabinoids and other compounds are removed until only the CBD compound is left. This is the purest form of CBD on the market and is sometimes labeled as 99% CBD.

To better understand white pure CBD oil is, you need to know about the other two forms of CBD.

Forms of CBD

There are generally three forms of CBD available on the market today. They are Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD as well as CBD isolate also known as pure CBD oil. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and has many naturally occurring compounds including cannabidiol or CBD.

The other main compound found in Cannabis is THC. This is what causes the high that we associate with marijuana. It is a psychoactive compound that acts on the relevant receptors in the brain leading to the high sensation.

Legal CBD is specifically cultivated to produce low levels of THC. The legal limit in the US is 0,3%. Full spectrum CBD contains all the compounds found in CBD including THC below the legal limit. It generally gives a full spectrum of benefits but comes with a higher risk of THC showing up on drug tests.

Even though the amount of THC is small, it will still show up on tests which could be a problem for people who may go through drug tests at work, for example. 

Broad spectrum CBD could be a good alternative if you have that concern. It has all the compounds of CBD but the THC is removed. It is also a really good option for people who may have some moral reservation about taking a product with THC in it.

Broad spectrum CBD will give you all the benefits associated with CBD without worrying about the THC. 

Pure CBD, also known as CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It goes through multiple processes where all other compounds found in it are completely stripped away until all you have is pure CBD.  

Pros Of Pure CBD

Are there any benefits associated with pure CBD? Most of the purported benefits of CBD are still under scrutiny as the industry is still learning some things about it. However, if you get quality CBD you can be assured of great results when dealing with some conditions like pain, inflammation, sleep problems, appetite and even skin conditions.

When it is in isolate form, it can be used to target specific issues while preventing the risk of any undesired effects that may arise due to the other elements found in full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD.  

Cons Of Pure CBD

The main advantage of pure CBD can also double as its main disadvantage. Because all other compounds are stripped away to leave only CBD, you also lose their benefits. Without a doubt, CBD on its own offers great benefits but it has also been proven that when it is combined with other compounds found in hemp, it is a lot more effective.

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