The iPad has been one of the most versatile and expensive products from Apple. They are well-built and can still feel fashionable for many years. That too dependent is on how much you care about it. The more you care, the longer it will last, simple. Imagine that you may get sidetracked one day while reaching for your iPad; as you lose your grip, it slips from your hand to the floor, and you find yourself looking in your reflection with a big crack. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? The deal with the iPad is pretty straightforward. Don’t break it, and it will last for a long time. You can only do one thing to protect yourself from this utter heartbreak, and your iPad from scratches, cracks, and nicks is to buy yourself any one of the many different iPad cases. Esource Parts has a huge collection of fancy iPad cases at an affordable price. The following is a list of some of our top picks for you to help you choose one.

4 Best iPad Cases in Canada

1) Moshi Versa Cover Origami Case

One of the many great things about iPad cases is their stylish-ness not being compromised for them guarding your iPad. You do not have to lose the comfort of your iPad’s stylish design when you get a case. Such is the case for the Moshi Versa Cover Origami Case. This case focuses on the adaptability of your iPad and in what different positions you can use it. You can use this case in both landscape and portrait modes by easily folding it. So may it be sitting, standing, reading, watching a movie; you are just tucking away from setting up your case so it can facilitate your needs. You can get this, and many other Apple iPad covers in Canada easily and quickly. 

2) Otterbox Defender Series iPad Case

The Otterbox Defender is a slimmer iPad case offering than some other rugged cases, yet still provides better protection while whatever you do. If you are into adventure, this case is better than those thin layered protective cases you see everywhere. 

For all the rugged scenarios you have in mind, this case is individually for this purpose. The cover protects your iPad from all the scratches and dings, and with a built-in snap-on screen protector, your iPad will stay secure and safe long-term. It is not all that. This case has a shatter-resistant outer casing, shock-absorbing cover, and caps for buttons as well. Moreover, there is a clip-on stand that locks open for hands-free viewing or typing. So be sure that if you are on the road and your iPad slips from your hand onto the concrete or the pavement, it would be safe from scratches for sure. It will not be hard to find this iPad case from Canada, and in a few clicks, you can get it delivered to your doorstep. 

3) Speck Case-E

This case is for all those kids dropping their iPads now and then. If you are giving an iPad to your kids, you need to make sure they can use it responsibly, or their irresponsibility might cost you an iPad. To ensure that your kid’s iPad is secure from these uncertain cracks and nooks, get the Speck Case-E. It is one of those iPad cases that you can never go wrong with, and with different colors available, it would be something your kid will love too. The iPad will have some substantial protection of thick foam at the back and all around the edges, helping it dodge damage in the event of a fall of up to six feet. You can use its detachable arms to prop it on the table or attach it to the back of your seat’s headrest so it may double as a stand, allowing for hands-free viewing. 

4) Catalyst Waterproof Case

This case is for all those people with butterfingers who honestly cannot get enough of their iPad and use them from their bedrooms to their bathrooms. The Catalyst Waterproof offers sturdy protection from shocks and bruises in addition to dust, dirt, and mainly water because it can hold up to dips in water up to 6.6 feet deep.

 In easier words, once you get this iPad case, you practically will never have to worry about it ever. It has reliable triple-layer protection that makes sure your iPad can withstand a hard knock or even a tumble. The exterior of your iPad is protected with the interior too. As the soft-padded interior with polycarbonate safeguards your device. The outer finish provides extra grip and, like every standard case, includes an adjustable stand for hands-free viewing. The case fits snug to your iPad and feels great in your hands.

Final Thoughts

You can find yourself looking for the best coverage that fits your iPad but look no further because these four are everything you need. You will not ever have to ask yourself what if you had protected it. And how with a suitable case, this may not have happened. So get yourself an iPad case and go all out on protecting this technological gift. Esource has a huge collection of iPad cases in different price ranges. The brand has a good reputation in the market and always delivers quality products at the doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Order it now and protect your expensive gadget long-term.


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